Fostering Kubs

 ^Right after we had our fingerprints taken in March.

I can't believe how much I've fallen behind in blogging. I'm currently posting and back dating blog posts from almost 7 months ago. It got a little out of hand. Then it just became way too overwhelming, and I almost gave up on this little blog. Abe's monthly updates are what kept this little blog hanging in there. This blog (how many more times can I say the word "blog") has always been a scrap book for me. It's where I keep our life documented for my kids to one day have and remind them of sweet memories we shared. I really don't think I can ever let it go, atleast not for now. So thank you Abe for being born and keeping this blog going. I mean, thanks for being born for many reasons, but obviously this little blog is the true purpose of your birth. (read: that is sarcasm)

I've kept my instagram pretty updated. It's like blogging on speed. It's so quick and easy to post and all my images are shared on my Chatbooks app which then automatically prints them into a book.  21st century, man. But, my kids LOVE the chatbooks and IG is so easy to post to that I often post big updates there, and then completely forget about this little corner of the web. So with that all being said and goodness that was a little bit much, we've changed our adoption route!

Way back when, like ages ago, like yesteryear and then some, we started this adoption journey. You can read all about it if you like at the tab above appropriately titled "adoption journey". 6 years we've been in the adoption process through an agency. We were on waiting lists and then paused and then waiting and then a failed match and then paused again.  All the while the Lord was slowly changing and convicting our hearts on Foster Care. We weren't opposed to it by any means, but we really just thought it would be something we pursued once our kids were older and grown. Right before we were matched with our birthmother, Josh and I had a very spur the moment conversation in the back yard of a friend's home right after we had helped them move in. He approached me about ending our time at the agency and pursuing fostering. Unbeknownst to him, I had been praying over fostering for months. I kept wanting to tell him my heart had changed, but I wanted the Lord to do the same work in his heart as He was doing in mine. So for months, I just prayed and waited on the Lord. Then on that humid sticky day, after he had just moved a massive table to their backyard, he sat me down and purposed this idea. I couldn't help but laugh and tell him all that had transpired in my heart the past few months. We decided right there that we would pursue fostering. Well, a month later, we were matched with our birthmom and learned we were pregnant all on the same morning. I was confused why the Lord did all that work on us and had lead us to fostering, but we moved forward with the adoption. Sadly but in the Lord's will, our birthmom decided to parent, and then we were paused with our agency because of my pregnancy with Abe. When he turned 6 months old, it was a no brainer that we would pursue fostering. It was very bittersweet to say goodbye to the agency we had been with for so long and invested so much money in. Walking away would mean losing thousands of dollars we fundraised and paid for. THAT WAS HARD. But still, the Lord told us fostering. We know he had us at the agency so we could meet that birthmom and forever pray over her. I still think of her often. We know He can use those funds we invested to help other families adopting through them and cover hospital bills for their birthmoms. It's extremely humbling to let go and trust in the Lord when other people personally invested in your adoption. But still we trust.

 ^During our weekend long training sessions.

So, the day before Josh's birthday, on the 27th of February 2018, I emailed the state and applied to be foster parents. Four days later on March 3rd, we met our social worker and had our orientation. Three days after, that we had our fingerprints and background checks completed. Then at the end of March, we completed all of our training over a weekend. We started our homestudy in April and used that month to make some needed improvements to Abe's room so that we could set up another crib in there. We completed our homestudy late May and received our activation email June 5th!

And now, the real waiting begins. We are foster/foster to adopt parents. We can't wait for this journey to start. I feel like we are standing at the front of massive stone floodgates knowing that at any second they are going to burst open and flood our lives with all sorts of terrifying goodness and heartache and happiness and trusting in the Lord like never before. It's weird to be standing on this side of the gates knowing what's coming and then also not knowing at all. Like Michael Scott infamously states, "And I knew exactly what to do but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do". That is the mantra of my life right now haha.

I've shared more details on our fostering journey and how to become a foster parent on a highlight reel on my IG. It's located on my profile. If you're are curious about the steps taken to become a foster parent, you can learn more there.

Novel completed.  I guess that's what I get for waiting months to update. You're a real tropper if you hung in there and read that in its entirety.  I won't be sharing much detail of our foster kubs journeys publicly. Simply because their story is not mine to tell, but I will share court dates and such to rally for prayer. Please join us in praying for our future kubs and their birth families. Our desire is to love on those birthparents as much as possible.




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You've gone through so many fun changes in this last month of your babyhood. You can now army crawl and correctly crawl (when you choose, you are the fastest when you army). You mastered pulling up, and you even like to walk when we hold your hands. Your top four teeth have completely come through. You can say daddy, doggy, duck, hey, and dada. You really only say mama when your cry gets escalated if you are mad. You love to wave bye bye and point to your nose when asked. You've switched to whole milk and drinking out of a sippy cup. You are still a great sleeper and napper, but can miss a morning nap if we are out running errands without a meltdown. 12 month clothing is the best fit, and we are close to switching to size 4 diapers. You 21-22 pounds. Bless your heart, you broke out in Hand Foot Mouth the week of your birthday, but that didin't stop you from being your happy self. You LOVE to laugh at your siblings, swing, take baths, and eat. You also love playing with the big kids and reading books.

We are headed to the beach this weekend and I can't wait to see you there for the first time. I'm so curious if you will enjoy it.

We are having your birthday party the day after we get back, I can't wait to celebrate you. This past year has been the best year of our lives. You have filled our home with so much joy and happiness. Everyday I have kissed your cheeks off, loved on you, and praised the Lord for blessing us with you. My sweet Abraham Robert, our lives our better because you are in them. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!


Abe is 11 months!

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 photo abemonth11-008.jpg photo abemonth11-006.jpg photo abemonth11-005.jpg photo abemonth11-002.jpg photo abemonth11-001.jpg

Sweet boy, you are 11 months old!!! I'm truly not ready for this last month. I know it's going to fly by and I hate that. One month until I have a one year old, I'm not ready. This month you are doing so much better with crawling. You still aren't up on all fours, but you are a master at your army crawl. You talk and talk and talk all day long. I'm guessing you weight around 20-21 pounds. You are still in size 3 diapers but that's going to change soon. You wear 9-12 month clothing and are close to only being in 12month strictly. You are cutting in your four front teeth, but they haven't quite broken through. You love love love to eat and really aren't that picky. You are still getting 4 bottles a day.

We sure do love you so much little one. It's such a joy to watch you grow. We thank Jesus for you daily!



March was full of days at home and prepping to become foster parents! (more on that to come).

 He's so close to turning one, and I am not ok.
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FIRST FISHING ON OUR POND!!!!!!!!! They were so proud to be fishing with poppa. Josh's dad bought them these poles at Christmas and they've asked almost every week to use them. They were so excited when poppa came over to fish with them. They each caught 3-4 fish each! 
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  photo IMG_1287.jpg

 The sun goes down so early, so we've been getting creative at night. This night we started wrapping sticks with yarn to make a fun mobile.
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 First smores in our fire place!
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  photo IMG_1377.jpg

 Little man standing tall!
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  photo IMG_1407.jpg

They asked me to take their pictures haha:
  photo IMG_1450.jpg photo IMG_1453.jpg photo IMG_1460.jpg

 Foster training!!
  photo IMG_1473.jpg

He finally let me put his hair back in a man bun. He DID not like it, and it only lasted for five minutes, but I couldn't get over how different it made him look. I will always cherish his beautiful curls.
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She's too much!
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 exploring the land photo IMG_1532.jpg

 hanging out with granddaddy and mandy!
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  photo IMG_1558.jpg

 Easter Egg hunting with friends!!
 photo IMG_1561.jpg photo IMG_1559.jpg

  photo IMG_1570.jpg

Egg dye!!
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Sweet cuddles with my boy!
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 I have no idea what they are doing here. HA
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