Garlic Knots Reciepe

I had a girls night tonight with a dear friend, Allyse, we made home-made pizzas & Garlic knots. My favorite Italian Restaurant closed almost 2 years ago. My favorite thing on the menu was their Garlic Knots. I've had MAJOR major withdraws. Tonight, I made them from scratch & you know... They turned out DELISH!

Here's what you need : 

[1] Can of Pillsbury Pizza Crust
[1] Stick of Margarine
Spray Olive Oil
Garlic Salt
Italian Seasoning
Marinara Sauce for Dipping
How to Create them : 

[Pre-Heat oven to 375]

1. Spray Olive Oil on TWO cookie sheets
2. Roll out the Pillsbury dough into a 16x12 rectangle
3. Cut the dough in half lengthwise
4. Then cut the both halves into several 1 inch strips widthwise. 
5. Take each strip and tie into a knot [place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet]
6. Melt butter in Microwave and brush onto Garlic Knots [Save leftover butter]
7. Sprinkle Garlic Salt & Italian Seasoning over all Garlic Knots
8. Place in oven & cook for 18 minutes
9. Use left over butter & re-brush onto Garlic Knots [sprinkle more Garlic if wanted]
10. Dip in marinara & ENJOY!!! YUMMY!

Things I'd do differently next time :

[1] After rolling out dough into a rectangle, I'll brush extra butter & Garlic Salt onto dough before cutting or tying. Then brush more butter & sprinkle extra Garlic on top once tied [Do only if you want them mushy, like I do. YUM]
[2] Use real Garlic [minced].  Melt Butter & Garlic in frying pan [to cook garlic]
[3] Bake for 15 minutes. The restaurants were always more... what's the word... mushy. I LOVED them that way. 18 minutes really cooked the dough, So I'm gunna try 15 minutes next time. 

I hope you all LOVE IT! They are definitely going to be a new favorite @ The K's!

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Ben and Audrey said...

LOVE the recipe. LOVE the blog. LOVE you the most!!!