You read my title right... I'm working on doing my first GIVEAWAY! Yepp, thats right! EEK! I'm working out the kinks but I'm SO excited! Ever since I won that giveaway and how fun it was that I won, I wanted someone else to experience that random act of kindness! Be sure to stayed tuned this week to find out what it will be! I hope to have the post up on Friday! [keyword : hope]. I'll go ahead and let you know that an extra entry will be allowed if you follow my blog or blog post about it. So get ready! Want a hint?.....

You'll be able to use it & re-make it YEAR round - forever, no matter how many times you want it & how much of it you want, it will be available to you? Confused Yet? Haha.... Stay Tuned:)

p.s visit my SISTER'S blog : she just put up some awesome art work her HUSBAND made for her & a kitchen table redo he did! Great hubby! [my table redo will be coming soon, I hope -I pray, if it doesn't I may DIE, it's taking so LONG to finish]

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just the two of us! said...

awe i love you! thanks for including me in your blog! also, i'm excited about your giveaway... but your clue makes no sense! i don't think you made it hard enough.