Shopping Within Our Walls

I can't take it ANYMORE. The hubby and I only signed a 7 month lease on our apartment because we don't know where the Lord will take us in the next 7 months. I had pretty much decided to do some basic decorating and just pile up my yard sale finds until we bought a house. But tonight, I broke down. I did it. I couldn't take the bareness staring at me every morning screaming HELP! DECORATE ME! 

Since our budget is TIGHT & I don't have money to decorate. I went shopping in my own apartment. SUCCESS! I pulled so many things that were just randomly sitting needing a new home. I did several DIY projects I've been putting off! Shopping in your house is the best!

My Total Bill : Zip. Zero. Nada. Ahhh. Sweeeet success

Needless to say, I'm on a roll now. There's no stopping me. Who cares if we move in 5 months. Some loving has to happen to this BARE apartment. 

I got this Kitchen rug @ Target a while back. Since it was $4 I couldn't pass it up. Well, I finally did the DIY project on it I've been wanting to do. 

My Tools. Yep. That's all. It turned out....

SO PRESH! I love it:) [the rug is green but for some reason you can't tell]

Next up : Frame from highschool.

I liked the basic shape...but the dark black HAD to go... So I painted it...& Monogramed it..

That's the first picture we ever took together. I loved how it turned out. New Fav

So remember this...

I blogged about it a few posts back [yardsale find]. I finally came up with something to put in it. I painted it brown [which ended up looking like a stain. SCORE. 


So after all of that, I walked into my bedroom, looked around, almost cried @ the ugliness, & got to work. 

First up : the Chest of Drawers 



Vase & Dried Flowers from the Hubby while we were dating. Wood Frame Art=wedding gift;)

Next : The Dresser... The before picture literally was just the Dresser itself. Nothing but books on it

Vase=wedding Gift. Bowl=Honeymoon Souvenir. 

Plate=Goodwill Find while we were dating. 

Last : Our Bed. I've been searching for a Duvet I like. The result=Impossible. There is not a single one out there I like. For now atleast. 
Before :


The front pillow was from our couch. The stick pillows I just randomly had in my closet.

The Entire Room : remember I didn't spend a penny. Everything I used I already had!!

For now this will all satisfy. I'm so ready to REALLY be able to decorate. 


marion said...

Katie, it looks GREAT! You did a wonderful job! All it takes is a little creativity....something you got from me! LOL! I love the rug..so cute..so you! The bedroom looks so inviting. What are the brown pillows on the bed? Pillow cases? I like how they are tied in the middle. Once again, great job!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Great touches!

m ^..^