Teaser Time

So tonight I found a pocket of an hour to work on some projects I've been itching to do! I'm so ready to get them done but I can't ever find the time....anybody have some they wanna give me...time that is?

Anyways, here's a little teaser/hint as to what I'm working on! I'll blog them HOPEFULLY later this week! I also got some FAB linens from my mom by way of my mom-in-law tonight. Can't wait to transform those either! EEEK so exciting! I'll blog those later too!

Leave me comments as to what you think they will be, one is kind of a given. Also, I need some Ideas for that huge canvas I bought at a yard sale the other day.... Design, fabric, what what??

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JobandBrittany said...

Check out this link for plate hangers. These are what I was trying to describe to you!!