A quick note before the "REAL" post. I finally got my engagement picture wall from my work! They are three seperate Gallery Wraps [canvas wrapped around wood]. The two on the side are collaged images & 10x20 pieces [middle image is 20x20]. They stand off the wall about 2.5 inches [really deep]. I'm IN LOVE with them! Just wait to see where they are hanging! [can't show you that, I'm still working on it]
Want pictures like this? Visit www.allisonrodgers.com. If you live around the Memphis area, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT!


Is anyone giving away a machine that can finish all my projects for me??? If so, let me know! I'm making such great progress on all my projects! Tonight, I was hardcore. I'm on a mission to get them completed! I have a feeling a few will be finished this weekend.... SCRATCH THAT...THEY WILL BE!!!:)

Here are a few sneak peaks at how they are coming :
Josh took this picture of me because all these projects may make me go crazy!

Can you figure out what this is?? EEK I'm SO ready to finish it!

Wait till you see what i'm going to do with this book!!! SO PUMPED!

This is the Giveaway I won! Thank you SO MUCH Erika!!

Stay tuned to see the reveals this weekend:)!


Heather said...

I love your engagement pictures!!!! I am definitely keeping that in mind for whenever I get engaged/married :) They are so original!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Your pictures are amazing! What an awesome way to display them.