You KNOW it's going to be a good yard sale day when an ANTIQUE store is having a Yard Sale. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies [& Gents] I got the MOST amazing things today. I could have spent my whole life savings at the antique place. However, I refrained & only got two things. Just wait till you see what  I got:) 

This is me & my friend Lizzy Trying to load all of our finds into my tiny little Camery. Yes, That's a door [her find] tied down on top. Yep, we went there!

My trunk was also tied down. We had two other HUGE purchases in the back. There was another door I bought for a friend to make a headboard out of! The other purchase.....wait & See:)... I'm posting it LAST!

Finds : 

I got this cute bamboo frame @ a yard sale .
Retail : $6  
Price I bought it for : 25cents

This is one Stellar 16x20 Frame. Real Wood. Double Frame Matting. [The first Antique Store Yard Sale Find]
Retail Price : $200- 300 [I work with frames at my job, we have one almost identical to this]
The Price I Bought it for.......$2.00 Ahh. SUCCESS!

This actually wasn't a yard sale find, I got it from the In-Laws. Love it!

The next three finds are so far my ALL TIME FAVORITES. 

First : 

Aren't these ladies a beauty? This is a 4 foot canvas. I'm DEFIANTLY going to be painting over it & flip it horizontally. I've been needing something big to hang in my dining room. This does the trick! 
Retail Price : $ 286 [according to buy.com]
Price I bought it : $10! Can we say MAJOR STEAL, anyone? 

Second : 

These are iron circles. Very old and covered in rust. [which I love] CAN'T WAIT to get these on the wall with a mini-makeover!

My mom found them for me at my mother-in-laws. There were just laying out in her yard [forrest]. I've been meaning to go out there and search through all her stuff. She has several barns & sheds that are just oozing with treasures. 


So remember the Antique store that was having a yard sale... Well well well, I found THIS little fella there calling my name : LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

Yepp, I'm in love, TOTALLY. It's a door/shelf. Im not real sure what "Rainbo is Good" means [on the screen] but I don't care. It so awesome!! I can't get over it. The shelf is just flat out ADORABLE. I'm going to give it a tiny itsy bitsy makeover, maybe just a new stand. I love it with chipped paint and its old look. Im thinking about painting something on the screen but I don't know if I'll even go there.... I'm just so in love:)

Retail Price : there is no telling since it was at an antique store
Price I bought it for : $10. WHOOP

[Update : Rainbo Is Good is an old bread company. I googled it and found several more doors like mine. Check it out!]

This is the most I've ever spent yard sale shopping. BUT TOTALLY worth it

Retail Total: Close to $500 [not including my door, no telling how much that baby would have cost due to the fact it was at an antique store]
My Final Bill : $22.25.  See why I love Yard Sales? 

p.s. Sorry the pictures are all blurry, I had to use my iphone bc my camera batteries are dead:(


Susie Q said...

Love the screen...Rainbo is good. Advertising slogan. Rainbo Bread. Yeah, I'm a lot older than you ;D

jennifer said...

The door shelf was an AWESOME find! 10 bucks was a steal!

I've enjoyed strolling around your blog and reading a bit. You have a wonderful upbeat spirit and this was a nice place to visit this morning!