So Sunday Josh and I had a day full of  FAMILY! Loved every minuted of it. Sunday morning was my nephew's baby dedication. He rocked the show:) Then we went down to Josh's moms to sift through years & years of Josh's belongings. I found some awesome stuff that I'm going to use. [& even more amazing treasures in her basement... gotta wait on a house though:( ] 

Here's some of his old Trash that I'm turning into our new Treasures : 

Literally a "Piggy" Bank. It was his dads & now it's my yard-sale coin collector... I bet its never been so useful!

This was Josh's. His mom said he used to carry it around EVERYWHERE. I'm thinking with a gentle wash & a new ribbon it will be good as new. Hopefully, it will belong to a young kuby some day:)

This was Josh's dads. The plaque says Homestead Farms, which is Josh's dads nursery. Its ancient and I LOVE it. 

Josh's Granddad's. I love old trinkets, especially this guy!

Josh's granddad's baseball helmet. I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it. There's always the option of saving it for one of our boys... but then again I want to get creative with it. We'll see... Suggestions??

Okay, So this isn't from his mom's but I DO LOVE IT! This was my Goodwill find of the day. I've seen so many blogs turn these things into ADORABLE decor. Most of the time you see a little bird or plant put inside... I'm trying to come up with something a little different..hmm Suggestions?

So this week I'm going to be trying LOTS of new recipes. I'll let you know how they turn out! 


Josh said...

Darling...that is an old football helmet from the '40's. Not baseball. Good effort though. Love, your husband.

Jane said...

I have an idea for that cheese plate. I passed by three of those at garage sales only to have an idea pop in my head a week later. Now I am on the hunt for one. I want to paint the base and glue it to a candle stick (also painted) and use it as a mini covered cake stand. Maybe put a decorative cupcake inside for everyday and fill it with real treats for parties.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

How fun that you found such treasures.

randee said...

what great family finds. loved josh's comment. how gently he corrected you. the baseball, i mean, football helmet would make a great lamp?