Here is a collection of all the things I have found at yard sales. I plan to update week by week but due to just creating this blog, I'm going to compile the three last Saturdays. I'm so pumped about the stuff I've found & I can't wait to redo a lot of them & post them! Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, which means no painting walls. So, a lot of my yard sale finds will be stored away until The K's buy their first home:)

So, Here's the Trash I made my Treasure:

So this actually isn't a yard sale find... It's apart of my FREE kitchen table&chairs. I'm in the process of redoing it. I'm worthless & forgot to take a picture of the table before I started priming [it's the same color as the chair]. I'm so excited about this project& DYING to finish it.
I found these TODAY : I'm going to make the shelf [it's laying flat] into a coat rack. The oval picture frame I'm leaving as is & hanging on my wall...... JUST KIDDING. ugly print is history....I'm thinking either chalkboard or a new member of my frame wall.... decisions decisions. LOVE my Eggs sign... I've got other signs similar to this one, I'm trying to come up with something fun for them... we'll see. Little green vase=MY FAV. I don't know why but it is... it's my new cue-tip holder in the bathroom:) precious little guy!
This was a Freebie : Blue side table... right now it's my bedside table, but JUST for now. I've got plans for it. LOVE THE BLUE. [exxxccuusee the nasty mess]
I've got Tray FEVER! I want a million more... or like 3. I'm gunna paint it... Monogram it.. hmm
PURPLE PLATE : if you don't know me, Im a fan of purple. Anyways, I've got a collection of plates I was going to create a plate wall with. However, im thinking of integrating it with my frame wall. I don't know. They may not get along
Don't worry. I'm going to repaint these and knock out the back. They will be fillers on the frame wall I'm working on.
Christmas plate. ahh If only it was Christmas..
The beginning of my Frame wall : It's going to be a beauty!
Can't decide if I wanna use this on my frame wall or chalkboard paint it or Magnet paint hmm... we'll see:)
Love my retro purple vase & the brown (see through) container... I've got big plans for it. Someday I'll get to it.
I actually made this. It's a small canvas wrap that I found at a Sale. I painted over it & My mom gave me the K. I painted it purple. I love it. Small but adorable.
Goodwill FIND! Rope Vase. LOVE rope. I want to Rope some lamp shades!
Christmas Stocking Holders. BIRDS:).
Yard sale pottery=SWEEET DEALS.
My yard sale Holiday Finds : I'm going to paint the Happy Easter. The hearts were actually bookends but Brittany Dalomba has the other. I love it as just decor. & the Christmas Bird has stolen my heart.

MY GRAND TOTAL : Approx. $25 for everything [yardsale&Goodwill finds]

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