Wedding Reception & Honeymoon


I have so many pictures I want to share : I still have a huge wedding post that needs to be done. For now I'll just stick to these few. I loved my wedding reception. My mom did almost all of the decorating. She did an AMAZING job! The honeymoon.... indescribable. unbelievable. wonderful. amazing. Can we have a second one? Now? 

The Grooms Cookie Cake. That's right. This sucker is make entriely from Cookies. It's absolutely amaszing! The Painted Cookie did such a GREAT job. Seriously USE HER!

This was on the Grooms table. The Cookies were also made my The Painted Cookie.
The "Sucker Balls" where two of my favorite creative things I did for the Wedding. I used Styrofom balls, Blow Pops, Dum-Dums, & Tootsie Rolls. Then I CRAMMED suckers down into the styrofoam stuck it on a dowl, then put them in planters. LOVED THEM & DELISH!
My CAKE:) I thought my lady did such a good job. & can I just say it tasted thebomb.com. & yes, there are beta fish in those hurricane vases:)
The Spread. BBQ NACHOS. Can you tell we are from the south? I wish I had a close up of how my mom set everything out. I'll show those on a later post.

The entire Get-up. I promise it looked ten times million better in person. The hall was absolutely F-R-E-E. Jesus took care of us:)

Entrance Bar : pictures of me & Josh growing up and together


The Second LOVE of my life. Carnival Fantasy

First day on the boat. Third day being married. LOVE Marriage!
Captains Dinner. My Man is SMOKIN!

Awkward me and boat picture

In Cozumel. 
Us with some ANCIENT Mayan ruins.
The Jeep you see is what we drove. We saw Mayan Ruins, Aligator feast, snorkeled, and viewed AMAZING beaches
See I told you amazing. Pictures don't do it Justice

We want to die here. Just finished snorkeling 2 miles. Hammoks called..

Ahh Total Relaxation

Last night on the boat. Best week of my life with the LOVE of my life!

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