A Relaxing Weekend... Kinda.

I've been feeling very under the weather this weekend. My allergies always get very bad this time of the year. I've slept and chilled most of the weekend. I did manage to go to yardsales yesterday morning. [check out the post below] &&& even though I haven't felt up to par I've still been working on several projects. Tomorrow I'm going to be meeting up with my GIVEAWAY partner! We are going to be finalizing the GIVEAWAY! If you submitted an entry in my last post through McLINKY you get an EXTRA ENTRY! I'm going to be leaving it open for a few more days, SO JOIN IN! I promise you this will be a giveaway you can use over and over again!!
Hope you all are having a great Labor Day weekend! Enjoy the three day weekend:)


Blue Creek Home said...

Okay Ms Katie, I linked my post to your Trash to Trasure post.
Feel better!

Better After said...

Hi there! I featured you over on my blog today! Thanks so much! :)

Alicia said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. My sister suffers from allergies from this time to well into January and she's just miserable. Take care.

Thank you for the suggestion to link up to trash to treasures. I grabbed your button to add to my blog. Have a great Labor Day and a Great Week!

honestly amy said...

my allergies are also bad this time of year...I found something at the healthfood place called Respiractin...and let me tell you this season has been MUCH more bearable! (I don't sell this I just hate to hear of someone suffering if there is something that can be helpful out there!) you can google it