It was raining this morning so I was scared there wasn't going to be any yardsales. I was WRONG! There were neighborhood yardsales everywhere! Most of them were duds, just things I didn't need. I did find some great stuff though!

Here's my Trash To Treasures:

This guy was FREE. You know it's one of those things you never wanna spend money on, but always need. "A Gripper"

My Mom used to put these curlers in my hair every saturday night when I was little. I always wanted some so that I could do the same to my daughter. I found the today. A bag FULL for $1.00.

I love this santa. He was only $1.00.
Not sure what I'm going to do with this mirror. I may hold onto it to use it in a nursery one day. Hmm...we'll see. $1.00:)

Loved this frame & the color. It was only $1.00
I'm going to chalkboard paint this leaf & write fall on it, hope it turns out cute, for $1.00 I don't think I can go wrong!

Who doesn't love these bottles? It was only $1.00

I loved this christmas pj onesie. The moment I saw it I had to get it for my nephew Jack! It even had the tag on it!:) It was retailed at Old Navy for $12.50, I got it for..... 50 CENTS!!!!

MY TOTAL $6.50

I found an awesome find today! So rockin! My boss is a photographer, Allison Rodgers Photography, she is always using cool furniture. I found this chair at an Estate Sale. They were asking ONLY $75.00 for it. I called my boss, exchanged numbers with the homeowner. CHA-CHING! My boss has an awesome new prop! GO ARP!

I didn't get this wreath at a yardsale, my mom made this for my wedding & we hung it outside the church. I need a fall wreath desperately so I decided to make some changes to it.
I took out some of the greenary and the bow & replaced it with some ribbon I had gotten from a wedding present....
It's not the cutest thing I've ever seen and I'm not really in love with it but for now it will do. Hopefully, I can find some MUCH cuter berries or ribbon. Oh newlywed budgets;)

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Jane said...

I am home sick today so I haven't got anything to share. Boo! However, I am always amazed by the awesome things you find! And the prices!! Great stuff!

Ben and Audrey said...

I LOVE the little outfit you got for Jack! its gonna be super cute on him!! he said thanks to his aunt katie! and the bottle is my other fave! great job! someday, i'm gonna go with you!

Alicia said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for hosting this little party. I love the things you found. Can I just give you my home address right now so you will know where to send that gorgeous green frame :-)

That is my absolute favorite shade of green.

I love your door wreath. How creative of you! I wish I could get in the Fall mood, but when it's still 100degrees outside it's hard to be thinking of fall.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Katie- thanks so much for allowing me to post a link to my blog. I am new to all this and trying to get my blog going..

Sorry I didnt have the button on the correct entry..I had wrote a seperate entry for your button. I went back and added it to the right one...just wanted to make sure I did it right.

Can you please let me know??

Again thanks so much!!



Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds! How just a changed of bow can make that much of an immpact is amazing!
Have a great week!

Kammy said...

Great finds ! Love that chair !