So, like is stated in my previous post... this weekend was CRAZY hectic! One of the highlights was going to New Albany with my husbands band, Philadelphia. They were playing at a county wide D-NOW. We left around 2:30 and didn't get home until 11. I was worn out and studied the whole way down there. Here are some fun photos from the night :

One of my bestie, Allyse, is a band girlfriend...soon-to-be bandwife oneday:). I always love her company on these trips. We man the merch table & always take way to many pictures!

Here are the boys (minus Justin Ricks) of Philadelphia :

Left to Right : Mountain man (aka my husband, Josh), The Beast (aka Jason, Allyse's boyfriend), Jeff..enough said, Father of the band (aka Stephen), and the little girl (aka Austin).... btw this what they call each other...not my names for them..

I love this HOT mountain man :)

They boys are so crazy when they get together. I think Jason was trying to do a back flip. He's the entertainer. I love their band friendship!

&& TA DA. They finally played, they are seriously all so musically talented it's almost sickening.

It was such a great night. I love being able to go with them when I can. I "slept" all the way home. Can anyone really sleep comfortably in a car? The Hubby and I have never felt that tired before. The weekend rush had finally caught up to us & we were straight worn out. So glad we got some good sleep, I prayed we would & Jesus delivered! PRAISE HIM! Now onto yet ANOTHER busy week. One Word : MIDTERMS! Say a prayer for us, we'll need it!

some photos compliments of Allyse

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Your husband is so funny! I love his "look." Unique!!!