I have been meaning to post this for quite some time now...blame it on the school and work. BUT here it is! These are all pictures of the K-fam Aboad. Now remember, lots of changes have been made due to the season & some nick knacks have been moved around, but this is generally how my apartment looks! I still have MUCH to do, but i'm making progress!! I have fallen in love with our little apartment. YES, I have the tiniest kitchen EVER : YES, I like on the second floor. YES, I have noisy upstair neighbors. BUT BUT BUT, it's ours & we live here TOGETHER & when I come home, my husband is here. No it's not as fancy as several of your awesome homes BUT it's mine & his. It's our first "home" and I couldn't be happier that I share it with him:)

So here's our palace...haha:)

The front door :

Right when you walk in the door, this is what you see...

If you look to the left, you'll see our dining room (TINY... and I can't figure out why my camera made everything disproportional.. the prints and frame look MUCh bigger in real life)

The table I redid :

The place setting :

Standing behind the table, this is what you will see :

The living room :

Back corner :

Looking at the living room front :

My sweet door [MY FAVE]

I need something to go over the TV. I just can't decide yet...IDEAS?

Standing in the middle of the living room looking right: [I need something on that big blank wall too....suggestions??]

[The back hall [look at pic above for placement]

Across the Hall :

Looking forward, our laundry closet :

Look to the right, and it's the bathroom :
LOVE my shower curtian...def needs to be monogramed!

Look to the left of the hall, my TINY kitchen :
Left side of stove [got these in Peru]
Right side:

Across the stove and fridge on the island [left side] :
Right side :

The rug I painted :

Now go back to the hall and look right, The Bedroom [shares the bathroom wall] This room needs lots of love on the walls :

I'm sad I can't get a real bed spread yet...these were all things I was given :
Left side of room :
Looking out :

On top of Chest of Drawers :
The dresser :
Left side of dresser :
Right side :

So bloggers, that's it. That's our place. I truly do love it & I love the months I've spent here with my man! I'm excited to see how it keeps transforming. I look forward to our first home, but for now.. I'll keep this place:)


Jenn said...

Super cute! Love your decorating style! I think you've done a great job making it look like a "HOME"!!

Matt and Ashlee said...

Katie, your apartment is so cute, my husband and I lived in an apartment for 3 1/2 years before we built our first home and we loved every minute of it!!

Kara said...

VERY cute! Looks so polished. Just goes to show that even an apartment can look super classy and fabulous!

Rachelle said...

Oh I have the best memories from our first apartment together! They're very cozy! We lived on the third floor too, had the LOUDEST neighbors ever!

Love what you've done, very warm and inviting!


Jane said...

I am so impressed! Our apartment has taken years to get pulled together. I love all your K's, especially the rings with the K in them in the living room. What are those rings anyway. Very cool looking!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

What a cute and cozy place you live in! So many creative touches. I love that there is something to look at all over. You've made such a darling home. I absolutely love love love your bedroom set - your dressers and such. So gorgeous! Here's an idea for the blank space above the opening to your kitchen. I could totally see some viynal wall words there - some awesome quote that you both love.

christi said...

your home is beautiful!

Mallorie said...

Your house is precious!! :-) I also love getting to see "K" decorations, I'm engaged to a "K" and will soon have "K" things all over my house too!!!! :-)