TODAY=GREAT YARDSALE DAY! I got up extra early this morning to go, &&& IT PAID OFF! I love when there are yard sales everywhere & MULTI family! Sweetness:)

Here is my Trash To Treasure:

Fall Rug=$2
Tin Buket=$2 I love it, not sure what I'm going to do with it... ideas?
Another Tin Bin, Very antiqued. LOVE & $1!
I thought this candle holder hangy thing was TOO CUTE! $1!
Embroidery hoop, the first one for my collections! I plan on doing THIS with them![$1]
Newborn Shoes for my soon to be niece Jovie, I got them for $1 with $6 retail!
Glass colored bottles. I love them! all for $1.50
LOVE. LURVE. LUV. Ideas to fill it? $3
Pumpkin Sign. SO PRESH! 50cents
THIS IS MY FAVE!! WHOOP! and only $3

Here is how I used some of today's treasures! :

This was my old halway decor...HATED
The tall lamp & vase were not working for me! So here is the new! LOVE! :
MUCH MUCH BETTER! Transformation cost : $6


Last but now least, I found this table for my sister, Lindsay, It was only $15. She has been looking for an entrance table for a while. SO PUMPED this worked for her!

Let me see your TRASH TO TREASURE this week: LINK UP!
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p.s I'll be posting an AMAZING recipe later this week, along with some new Fall Decor of mine!:)


just the two of us! said...

wow you did get a lot of great stuff! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that mirrored window! and it looks perfect above that bookshelf! also, ryan and i have big tin like the one you bought, and we have our decorative towels rolled up in it and it's sitting on our bathroom floor.

also, i love my new table! i can't wait to fix it up! thanks for the call this morning!

Jacey @ Trash2MyTreasure said...

great stuff girl! looks like you got lucky! If your interested...im going to be doing a giveaway soon...check out my blog if your interested :) http://trash2mytreasure.blogspot.com/2009/09/50-follower-giveaway.html

cindy@cottage instincts said...

Very cool stuff...that table you scored for your sister is awesomeness, right there. I linked up.

Sheri said...

Wow! It was a productive day for you wasn't it!! I'll link to two things. One my literal trash to treasure painting and two...my broken blinds become roman shades.

By the way: Congrats on your up and coming niece.

Wendy said...

You found lots of great things! I love that mirror :) I did the same thing with embroidery hoops.

Jane said...

Raising hand and waving wildly- "I have and idea!!" OK, so on some other blog that I don't remember they posted a PB galvanized steel serving tower thing. I have been jonesing to make my own thrifty version for weeks, but I want/need that kind of tin tub for the bottom.

Here is the PB link:

My idea was to use candle sticks spray painted to be the spindles in between some baking pans, but I want a bigger bottom for fall apples. What do you think?

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

You SOOOOO won the bet deals of the week award! LOL AWESOME Finds!!

Ben and Audrey said...

great job, as usual. i LOVE the tin & the mirror! i can't wait to go with you!

p.s. i know Jovie will just love her new shoes!!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Great finds! Anxious to see your hoops together...when you find enough and put them up! LOL Coold mirror!

Dresser Girl said...


tales from an oc cottage said...

You are a wonder!!

m ^..^

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Surfed in from The Katillac Shack...I won't be participating this week, but I have a ton of Trash-to-Treasure finds (thrift stores count, too, right? Since it's donated stuff?), I'll just have to decide what to put up first. I'll start next week, hopefully. In the meantime, I'll be checking out your participants.

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks again for sponsoring this party!

Those tin buckets are gorgeous!

love, kelee

Sandy said...

Love that mirrored window too!! Great bargains!

JobandBrittany said...

love the cloche!

Jen R. said...

Great things! I love the finial piece!

Audra said...

Great finds, that cloche is to die for!

Jennifer Juniper said...

That display really brightened up the hallway. The mirror/window made all the difference and at a great price!

Gray Matters said...

Wow! You scored some great finds. You could use the tins to plant some mums or pansies - if there aren't holes in the bottom you could use a few rocks to help with the water.

Sherri S said...

Love love your trash...errr treasures!!! LOL The cloche dome is amazing! as are the old bottles! and all that metal. SWOON! Great finds!

MotherhoodFilm said...

What fabulous finds! I really enjoyed looking around your blog-- What great ideas!!
*Eliza’s blog*