I know I know I know... I've been so absent lately! EEK! I'm having major blog withdrawls! School is winding down but I still have some MAJOR test & projects due within the next two weeks! I promise once christmas break hits, I'll be posting A LOT more! I have so many cute christmas decorations to post for you all! I'm so excited about our first christmas together! We are going to put the tree up on Sunday & I've already decorated the house! We've had some fun but SUPER buys weekends since my last post! I promise i wont disappear like that again! Okay, I got to get back to some school work & decorating! Be looking for some christmas posts coming SOON! YAY!

I hope you all have a SPLENDID Thanksgiving!

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Ramsey Revell said...

Good luck with all the school stuff!!! I'll be bustin' it right there with ya. You guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!