WOW, I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone:( so sad how fast it goes by. We have been so so busy the last few weeks. It has been so nice for things to finally settle down and spend some much needed time with the Hubby, family, and friends. I have several Christmas posts to write. This is the first of many: Christmas Parties!:)

The First Party we had was the annual K Christmas Party. Josh has been putting it on for going on 7 years. I think. It's a pretty big deal among our friends. People look forward to it every year & some have even been engaged at it! I love seeing it grow every year with new friends! Josh good friend cooks deer wraps, followed by Dirty Santa, and we end the night with Christmas Vacation :

Love my hub

My sister & Anna

Me & Anna


Me and Lynsay!


me and my sister, lindsay

Once Dirty Santa was under way, I completely forgot to take pictures. It was such a fun night;)

The second Christmas Party we had was my work party. ARP always goes above and beyond at Christmas Parties. The last two years I got an Iphone. && This year there was a ....MONEY MACHINE + a Tacky theme!! I love my work family!

The Hubby and I

Jealous of my bow, right?

Me in the Money Machine!

Me with my Loot. aka. $338 bucks!!

All the ARP employees :

The Bosses:

The Whole ARP family: 8 total.

Yeah I know you want our outfits!

Jeff, ARP boss, in his Christmas Present. He's a big comic nerd:)

It was such a fun night & who doesn't love free CASH!

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