So I know you are just astonished at my catchy title right? You're jealous of my creativity skills.. its okay, just repent. :)

So the Hubby and I LOVE Artichoke hearts. Any form or fashion, we Love them in our bellys! The first time I ever had just a straight up Artichoke was a couple of months ago at Momma K's house! I thought they were crazy at first, but it was love at first bite [jealous again right?]

Tonight I made them for the Hubby and I as an appetizer! They are so easy and DELISH! Incase you've never had one, Here's how to cook them! You have to try it, like now!

Cut the ends off of each Artichoke [just the root stem : bottom should be flat, don't cut to far, you don't wanna cut the heart!]

Then cut an inch off the top, so the tops are flat also!

Next, place Artichokes in a pot. Fill with water until water is 1/3 up the Artichoke

Bring water to a boil, then turn down to a simmer, put lid on & cook for 40 minutes :

This is how they should look when cooked :

My Husband loves to eat his with Miracle Whip [don't worry I'm gagging with you]

I love mine with garlic butter : YUMMMM

Here's how to eat it :

Peel back a layer :

The very bottom tip is what you actually eat :

Dip in your sauce, then scrape your teeth along the bottom :
Oh my tummy is dancing at the thought of eating them! SO DELISH!

Now the best part : How to eat the Heart :

Once you peel back most layers, there won't be much left on the bottoms to scrape. So, pull the rest of them off :

This is what should be left :

Then take a knife and cut off the top layer : Scoping it out really
Once removed, scrape off all the heart hair :

This is what should remain :

Cut into pieces and ENJOY!!!

They are seriously the best appetizer! So yummy but not too filling! There are artichoke sauces out there but I haven't discovered any worth trying. Let me know if you have one!!


just the two of us! said...

these are delish! one of my favorite appetizers!

Jane said...

Thank you for this step by step tutorial! I got artichokes once through the Vegetable of the Month program at my school. I brought them home to practice cooking them before I made them with my students. I had no idea what to do. I know I didn't cook them long enough. We had no idea how to eat them. We were so confused! They turned out disgusting. I never did make them with the kids. Next time I will be better prepared.

Lizzy said...

I'll admit it! I'm jealous of your mad creative skills!

...which is why I need an uber amount of help with wedding planning, k?

If only I were ever home... I miss you katie kubler!

Kara said...

I cannot even tell you how overjoyed I was reading this post...artichokes are my favorite food ever, have been my whole life, and will be til the end of time. And the best part: YOU EAT THEM THE RIGHT WAY! Hahaha yaaaaaaay!!!

Stephanie said...

I love artichokes but never knew how to cook them. I'm going to try this for sure. Like, tonight. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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