So this is our very first (married) Christmas together! I am so excited to spend the Holidays being a K! We've had so much fun decorating & watching Holiday movies! We basically keep all the lights off in our humble little apartment but the Christmas lights! SO COZY! I thought I'd take ya'll on a run through of our newly Christmas decorated home! I got almost every thing the day after Christmas last year. It was about $300 that I got for $150 & I had gift cards so it was FREE!

Here's me and the Hubs in front of our grand REAL tree;)

This doesn't look near as awesome as it does in real life : I hung snowflake ornaments over our TV. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I attempted to make the "ever so blog world popular ornament wreath".... but mine didn't really work out that well so I made it into this : Some type of decoration for the snowman/candle holder thingy.. I think it looks pretty cute!

Love this little snowman! Thanks Momma K!

I love the garland I got a Target last year! [sorry these pictures aren't the best, had my camera on the wrong setting the whole time... opps:)] I don't have stalkings yet either..EEEK I know..

Yard sale find. LOVE HIM!

So remember the big steel rings on my wall... well add a little Christmas lights & BAM!

Some of my end table decor :

My Coffee Table Decor:

When you first enter the apartment, this is what greets you:) : White plates are a thrift store find!

Our Christmas tree now takes the place of where my door/shelf used to be... so it had to move to the dining room. No my fav spot, but it works! && Josh is so proud of his Christmas lights on that door. I think it's cute!

My Christmas Table : not the best but pretty decent for my first year!

Added some garland to my AWESOME ARP photos!

The kitchen counter facing the living room :

My cute mitten spatula holder! :

Got this at a crafts fair! LOVE!

Momma K gave me this! I LOVE HIM!

The Living Room :

The Back corner :

&&&&&&& OF COURSE!! Our very first TREE!!! :

I love it so much! Thanks to Daddy K for the Tree & wreath on our front door! [He owns a nursery] We haven't gotten our Tree Topper in yet! I'll make a post just for it due to its sentimental story!

I love our decor this year && I can't wait to build on it for years to come! Link up your Christmas Decor! I want to see!


Ben and Audrey said...

cute christmas apartment! isn't being married at christmas just the best?!!! i love it!!

one question: what are stalkings?!! i think most people just have christmas stockings!! oh my word. you kill me!

Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

Aww everything in your apt is so festive and cute!! I hope you have a very blessed FIRST married Christmas, there is nothing like that first year together!

Heather said...

Too funny! I tried to make the same ornament wreath and mine also didn't turn out as expected...I just posted pictures about it on my blog this morning, go check it out! Love your decorations....I may have to steal the snowflake ornaments from the ceiling idea next year :)

Sheri said...

Very cute, happy first Christmas together...

Kara said...

Cuuuute! We haven't decorated officially at the house yet, but I made some quick stockings the other night:


Yayyyy Christmas!

Becky @ The Shea Family said...

very, very, very cuuuuuuute! good job!

mom said...

I love it all. You are so creative! {that trait you got from ME!} You are adorable and so much much fun! ......and stay away from ALL Christmas stalkings! EEK! get the stockings though. I love you sweetie. {and Christmas won't be the same without you 3 girls at home this year. But, OH HOW THANKFUL WE ARE FOR THE MEN IN YOUR LIVES!!!]

christi said...

your home looks adorable! i made a wreath and think you might like how easy it was!


just the two of us! said...

i love all your christmas decorations! your apartment looks fabulous! great job decorating! i love you!

Anonymous said...
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Wendy said...

looks great!

Michelle said...

Great decorations!

Anonymous said...

great job! love the rings on the wall.

Heather said...

Your home is beautiful!! COngrats on your marriage!! Great job decorating! Merry Christmas!

Tanya said...

You did a great job. Everything looks cute and merry! Also looove the background on your blog.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

you did a great job....Beautiful

I am so happy to have a few hours to catch up on blogs...I am finally finished with trees. New pictures are up on the Christmas blog!
http://grammyababychangeseverything.blogspot.com/ then

read about a miracle and forward on to anyone that is feeling hopeless....Christmas is the season of miracles..

Anonymous said...

I love your creative and whimsical decorations. Congratulations on your first married Christmas. Your enthusiasm is great....don't ever lost it! Thanks for the tour and Merry Christmas!

Summer said...

How cute and festive! Congrats on your first married Christmas!!
Summer :0)

Kay said...

Charming! And congrats on your new marriage. Blessings to you both! Kay

Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew said...

You've done a great job decorating, just like a seasoned pro! Love all the details, and yes, those photos of you and your mister are awesome!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so festive! Thanks for showing us around! I am stopping in from Nester's place. To see my tour click on the 'Christmas 2009' tag on the left sidebar of my blog.