Last night the Hubs and I went to The Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue Baptist Church. It's a play/musical the church does every year. The Christmas tree is huge and people can actually get in it and sing. It's the neatest show! I've been going to it since I was a little girl. It's such a fun, cheap date. The tickets were literally $3. WHOOP!

Here's a few of the show :

It was so great! People hung from the ceiling, black light drum solo, toys dancing all around. Such a blast.

This is going to be a SUPER SUPER busy weekend for the Hubby and I. We have a date night tomorrow, party on Friday, Family Party on Saturday, Relax sunday & another party on Monday. Phew! I get tired just writing it!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend.

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Mrs. A said...

Found your blog today and I can't wait to read more you and your husband are so cute together!