I know I'm late on this post, but OH WELL!:) Here's a bit of my T-GIVING! {ignore the poor quality pics.. I only had my iphone}

Nanny's famous cheese ball. It looked beautiful & tasted DELECTABLE!


[2] Cream Cheese
[1] Ranch Packet
[1] Bunch of Onions
[1] can of diced green chilies

*Mix all together and spread on tortillas [you'll need 2 packages]
*Roll tortillas really tight
*Refrigerate for 2 hours
*Cut in slices [10+ slices per roll]

Serve with SALSA and ENJOY!!!

Half the people cooking in the kitchen!

All the yummies cooking!

My Mom's purdy fall table!

Her beautiful Christmas table :

Jack doing what he does best : opening the cabinet doors and shutting them, over and over ....

&& that was our Thanksgiving! Of course there was lots of fun, laughter, practical jokes, and absurd conversations! I LOVE LOVE my family! Friday night, we went over to Josh's family for another T-giving dinner. It was SO DELICIOUS! I didn't take any pics:(

&& This is me and the hubs... studying are lives away! I'm going to be through with it soon! YES!

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