OH YEAH! Every night this week the Hubby and I have been home. Let me repeat: EVERY NIGHT THE HUBBY AND I HAVE HAD AT HOME!!!!!!!!

Seriously, that is one Christmas/New Year miracle. On most week nights, we are maybe home 2 nights together. School + multiple jobs=conflicting schedules. However, for this one week, this one GLORIOUS week.. We are home every night! Im getting so spoiled! We've cooked every night, watched movies, Biggest Loser, played lots of Super Mario Wii, and fell asleep to Friends. It has been absolute heaven. We actually even had the past weekend together [which is another rare thing]. We had some friends over Monday night for a double date night. YET another thing we never have time to do. &&& Friday night we have a date night to a Grizzly Game & dinner thanks to some lovely people at our church! I will be gone Sunday-Wednesday for a work trip, so I praise the Lord for giving us this sweet SWEEEET time this week. I can't wait until this becomes a normal thing.

Speaking of Praising the Lord, Jeremiah [who I posted about waaay down below] is doing remarkably better. The Lord is so good to hear and answer prayers! Jeremiah still needs your prayers [link listed in previous post to a blog the father is keeping] I BEG you to continue to pray!

Josh and I have been so encouraged and challenged in our Faith lately. We have had several friends and role models fall under great tragic circumstances. The Lord has really taught alot to Josh and I about suffering and how to bring God glory out of ANY situation. It's all about WHO God IS not what God does. This has been ringing true in my quiet times lately. I've started reading through Genesis. God is working in Abraham and Sarah's life. Sarah is crying, weeping out to the Lord to have a child. Sarah, in her very old age, eventually becomes pregnant. It's not about what God did for her. He promised Abraham a year early of this. He is who He says He Is. God keeps, never breaks, or forsakes His promises to His people. Its been SUPER chilly here this week and its reminded me of snow, of how Christ died to wipe our sins clean and hearts white as snow. Praise God for WHO He IS! King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Jehovah Jireh. JEHOVAH JIREH. That's one of my favorite names for the Lord. It rings so true in my life and others in my life. No matter what you are going through, God ALWAYS protects and provides. Maybe not in our timing, but always in His.

I know this has been one RANDOM post & I'm switching topics like a ... person who switches topics alot? Yeah. I've just had these things going on in my life and I wanted to write them down so I can remember where the Lord has me right now at this point & time in my life.

Prayer is so important & the Lord is really driving that home in my life right now. I want to pray for everything and anything. SOOO, if you have any specific prayer request please email me. Sunday at church, the pastor preached on the importance of prayer and community prayer. He made a point that sometimes it's selfish of us to keep our prayer request to ourselves. Because, when God answers them you are the only one Glorify Him. If we share, its a community victory and God receives more & more Glory! [obviously, sometimes things need to be kept btw you and the Lord] but This is also evident in the scriptures. PAUL is a huge example for this. He was constantly writing letters to churches asking for prayers, telling his prayers, and sharing. I will not share these with anyone but my husband and we will both commit to pray until it's answered.

I just figure, what's the point of having this blog and followers if I can't share the Love of Christ with them [followers], pray for them[followers], and bring God glory with every post.
email me I'd love to pray for you. If you want to be anonymous, leave a comment on this post & sign in as anonymous.

Here's a pic of me and the Hubs chilling tonight:


Rachelle said...

:) Love the nights at home with hubsy! I never get them either. :(

karlee said...

Loved your post. It was encouraging!

Weeksie50 said...

I am a rambler too..
Sometimes when I sit down to type.. my mind is faster then my fingers..

I love me some Super Mario Bro's