Josh and I have the privilege to be members of an amazing church. One that focuses on the ever true word of God. Our pastor is one of the MANY reasons why we are members. He preaches, teaches, and lives out the scriptures. He and his wife have made huge impacts in our lives and marriage. They are such Godly examples for us and we look up to them greatly.

Meet the George Ross Family :

George, Joy, Issac, Hannah-Ruth, and Abigail. They are absolutely PRECIOUS!

What you may not be able to tell in this picture is that Joy is pregnant with their fourth child, Jeremiah. She delivered him early this week.

Meet Jeremiah:

Jeremiah arrived with expected complications. His first few days were fine, however, in the last 36 hours Jeremiah has been moved to the NICU Critical/Stable condition. Jeremiah suffered from several seizures yesterday and Lung failure. I do not want to mix up any information so please visit:


This will keep you updated and go into further detail. I am moved to tears and deeply encouraged by their GREAT faith and trust in the Lord. I beg and plead and ask that you pray for this family during this indescribable tragic time!

Please visit the link above and pray!



Its So Very Cheri said...

Heading over right now.

Are you no longer doing your parties?


Katie Kubler said...

I hope to start my parties up soon! Life has been to obusy to do any projects lately. I hope to start them again soon! Im glad to know they are missed:) thanks for going to link and praying!