Okay ladies, this is seriously a great tip. On my oh so very rare snow day, I had the chance to chill and watch some tv. Rachel Ray had this make-up tip off. It was then that I discovered the best BEST BEST make up tip ever, can you tell I'm a fan? Okay so wanna know what it is?

CHAPSTICK. oh yeah. That's what I said. CHAPSTICK. It's single handily change my OCD, years of developing, make-up routine.

So Here's the tip:

Take plain brand Chapstick (no scent). Rub the chapstick over your eye lids. Yes, I said EYE LIDS. Then put on your powder eye shadow and BAM, your eye shadow will last alllllllllll day long! I've been testing it this weekend and let me tell you girls, I put it on at 8am and when I got home at 9pm, it was still looking good!

I'm SERIOUS!! It's the best thing ever & I'm totally in love with it... I mean I'm not trying to brag but don't my eyes look a little ridiculously good?

I even put some below my eyes and then tapped eye shadow over. It held all day too!
Here's a few more for the road:

What colors to wear to make your eyes pop:
*For green eyed girls: wear purple or burgundy (thats what I wore above)
*For blue eyed girls: golds & browns are a must
*Brown eyed girls: I'm jealous.. you can were them all!

Got any "can't live without" make up tips? I wanna KNOW! Link up your post!


Jami said...

That's a very cheap primer!!! :)

I use Urban Decay primer potion for the same thing, and it's $18 for a small tube! Not as good a deal! I'm all for the cheapness of this trick. Sounds like I'll give it a go this morning. . .

Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your man!

BTW, I'm a TN girl myself. I live in Lebanon, about thirty miles east of Nashville. Your blog is so fun! I love that your young, married, and into crafting cheap things too!

My blog is private because I constantly vent about situations at work, but if you ever wanna follow, let me know. I'll hook you up password permission. (But... I am not THAT interesting!)

Rachelle said...

I don't have any to share but I love learning new ones, I hope you keep this open long enuogh for everyone to link up! :)


Mallorie said...

Hi, popping over from Kelly's Korner! I am totally going to try this!!! Great tip :-)

Becky said...

I will most certainly try the chapstick tip! Wow! Thanks!