Hi Bloggers, Yes I am alive. I am here. It feels like ages since I have blogged. I'm hopefully over my kidney stones! YAY! My body is finally getting all back to normal, PRAISE! School has kicked into full swing and I'm doing a great job of not procrastinating! WHOOP! One of my New Year's resolution is to NOT procrastinate. period. So far, so good!

So for all you who do not live in the tri-state Memphis area, WE GOT SNOW! 7 full inches of pure sweetness. It was totally not predicted. My sister text me this morning and said SNOW! I immediately jumped and looked out the window and AHHHHHH SNOW!!! Josh and I got out in it this morning to play with my sister and her sweet puppy, Ruby!

It's so beautiful on the plants!

Me & my man!

She's adorable! She LOVED the snow and never stopped playing in it!

Okay, Ruby. READY? GO!

Good catch RUBES!

Linny & Ruby!

Our back yard!

Josh and I are so thankful for a day of relaxing, cleaning, and schoolwork! This weekend went by too fast & this gives me time to catch up! I'm planning some great projects to do soon! I'll be hosting alot of showers coming this spring and there are some definite things that I want to change in the apartment! I hope to get started in the next two weeks! I can't wait! It's been soooooooo long since I've done Trash To Treasure & I'm ready to get back into it!

I hope you are all having a great Monday!

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susan said...

I could not believe my eyes this morning! This one sneaked up on Dave and Ron! It is beautiful and a fun for all the kids! Enjoy the day!