Okay ladies, I NEED YOU! I've had this HUGE repeat HUGE canvas for several months now :

Cute, huh?

It's about 40x60. I need you help with it!

Here's what I want:

1) I want to hang it Horizontally
2) I don't really want to paint over it right now, I'm thinking cover in fabric

I need your ideas, inspiration, links, WHATEVER you got! Did you see something cute on another blog? send me the link! For some reason I have in my mind I wanna wrap burlap tightly around it and then stain or stamp something. I saw a cute ABC painting on another blog with circles around the letters but I can't find it.

What would you do with this canvas? I want some fun fresh ideas!!

PLEASE LADIES! I need your ideas, my brain is having a creative shutdown!


Ben and Audrey said...

please just leave it as is. its fantastic.

i think fabric is a great idea. but i'm totally not creative. if i see something, i'll let you know!

Ramsey Revell said...

Hey there, I actually just saw a really cute idea here:
Love her ruffle board! Burlap would be cute too, but it tends to be a little see through so I don't know if it would cover the painting unless you spray paint it tan first. Hope this helps!
Happy Thursday!

Hollis said...

Try decorative tissue paper or wrapping paper that coordinates! it is cheap and they have some great designs! Love your blog!