I know I have been more than absent to my poor, lonely blog. There hasn't been anytime to blog or do anything crafty:( School work has taken over my life. Today was the first time in a long time, I've had time to myself. My hubby is working till midnight doing inventory so I had the night to my lonesome. I love you hunny but WHOOP! I had time to do some crafting!

I love the flower headbands, but the Hubs and I are on the Zero budget bc we have ZERO money. I've seen some fellow bloggers make them, so I decided to take a whack at it:

I had this old shirt & my MIL gave me some doily (spell), I have like 12 of them. The great thing is I didn't have to cut it to make it, so I can restore back to original whenever!

I just wodded up the doily and sewed it together. I made a little loop in the doily to slip the headband through :

I love it just by itself but then decided to spruce it up, I cut about an inch wide strip, I didn't cut straight or worry about jagged edges (I thought it would add some character). I then did a simple baste stitch & sewed the edges together.
I just pushed the bottom through the center whole on the grey flower. & VOILA!

It's a little on the big side but I kinda LOVE it! Since I didn't sew the grey flower on the doily, it allowed me to change it out. I decided to cut the shirt into rounded squares. Again, I let it be jagged and not straight at ALL! I layered different size patches and sewed three buttons in the center from the same shirt :

I think the plain grey is my fav. Just so sweet & simple. However, I had another sweet idea, I added the grey patch flower with the doily for another look!

I love having all the options! I even plan on doing another color flower to interchange. It literally took me about 30 minutes to make all three. It felt so good to craft again! I'm ready for summer so it can become a full time thing! ahh, summer... where are you??

LINK UP YOUR LATEST DIY! I wanna see some DIY, Im missing them!


Ramsey Revell said...

Don't you just HEART these! I just made the one that I linked up the other day ...it adds a little spring to the wardrobe. Love the two flower version that you did. Can't beat some fun FREE projects! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Ashley said...

Those are very cute! Good job.