My friend Brittany just did this, I thought it was fun so I'm joining in on the fun

1. Salty foods are my weakness, if my Hubby would let me, I'd eat salty foods for every meal
2. I long for the day I get a dog.
3. I use chap-stick on my eyes before I apply eyeshadow (best tip EVER)
4. My dream Vaca is to go to Israel & I'm going in JUNE!
5. I HATE processed food. Thank you Jamie Oliver Food Revolution
6. My dream career is to be a stay at home mom who sells crafty things on on Etsy.. one day!
7. I stare at my wedding rings probably 15mins out of each day. I love it!
8. I have the weirdest bizarre dreams you've ever heard of. Its a morning routine to share them with my husband.
9. I sleep on the very edge of my pillow, my head barely touches it.
10. When I get scared or something intense happens, I always plug my ears. Weird habit, I don't know why i think plugging my ears means my Hubby wont hit another car or intense scenes on Tv will go calm.
11. I always hold cards in my hand numerically from right to left. aka backwards.
12. I talk to myself about imaginable scenarios or stories on a daily basis. My sisters call it my "Window World"
13. Im a great cook, I just need to cook more.
14. I can't wait to house hunt & decorate a home
15. I love that I have such an amazing Godly Husband.
16. I have to tear deli turkey up before I put it on a sandwich. Can't be whole slices
17. I talk to the Tv. Always
18. I'm so competitive. I've got to get a handle on that
19. I hate confrontation. Hate it.
20. Musicals are my favorite. I wish we all broke out in song
21. I never went to either of my proms. Glad I didn't bc I met my Hubby the night of prom!
22. I'm often dyslexic when I talk. I'll say things like Crooked Parked (parked crooked)
23. I'm a super bad speller and grammar person.
24. I hate the way moose feels on my hands
25. I have a weird lump growing my ear.
26. Christmas is the best thing ever. we should have 2 a year
27. I LOVE yardsales.
28. I clean my ears every night. Can't stand dirty ears
29. I did the 30 day shred. Huge accomplishment
30. I love my quiet times & Seeing the Lord move in peoples lives
31. I look up homes and dogs for sale. Although they are both far away from now
32. I crave vacations constantly. I would prefer one a month... I can dream right?
33. Josh and I eat way to much pasta... 4 out of 7 meals may be some type of pasta...
34. Slow drivers and red lights are my biggest pet peeve
35. Biggest loser & lost are my favorite shows
36. I ate a worm in Africa one time. It was salty..
37. I walked with real live lions in Africa. One of them tried to jump on my friend. Better him than me:)
38. I love when people get engaged. Marriage is the best thing ever!
39. I can tan super fast but go pale even quicker
40. I cry and pray monthly for the children we will one day adopt & have. I want them now but it's not Gods timing or ours to be frank haha.
41. I can't eat past 9 o'clock or my stomach starts a revolt
42. I could drink cranberry juice only for the rest of my life
43. I have had labor pains but never had a child. Thank you kidney stones
44. I blog stalk people way to much
45. I used to never be sick b4 I got married. Since I've been married, I've been to the ER 2 times, doc twice, rode in an ambulance, and on more drugs than any person should have to be.
46. I'm addicted to Clorox disinfecting wipes. I use too many a day.
47. We never make our bed
48. I only go grocery shopping once a month
49. I've been on 6-7 different kids of birth control. My body hates me on a constant basis.
50. I'm slightly a hypochondriac. just slightly...


just the two of us! said...

i think we are the same person. EXCEPT, I am a good speller and grammar person.

Ben and Audrey said...

lindsay. bahahahaha.

p.s. katie, i gave you a blog award.

and so many of these are true for me too. are we sisters?!

Minnesota Girl said...

So fun to get to know you better! I adore your blog!

Have a good week!
Minnesota Girl

Alyssa Barnett said...

I heart your blog. It is refreshing!
Thanks for letting us get to know you better...