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I'm finally putting my foot down and taking a break from school. It's been stressing me and keeping from blogging for far toooo long. I've been way overloaded with school and it's driving me CRAZY!! So I'm going to take a quick break and update on all things K's!!

Week nights are simply spent doing schoolwork & spending as much time together as we can. We recently were leaders at a D-now (weekend spent disciplining high school students) We had a great time & several students were saved and drawn closer to the Lord. Good weekend:)

Josh & I on the Last night! I was way too busy with 8-9th girls to take photos:)
My sweet friends Kasey & Anna!

That was a great weekend & a nice break from school. Josh and I actually got to go on a date night last night. Those are very rare these days. We always have weekly date nights at home but we haven't gone out in forever. We ate at Carrabas & saw How To Train Your Dragon. Great food and hilarious movie!

We had a great Easter weekend! Spent the day going to early church, watching movies & having lunch with my family! It was a great day! Of course, tonight I came home to work on school and got so frustrated I HAD to stop, have dinner, watch a movie, blog & be with my Husband.

So now some news, the stress of school has come alot from trying to figure out my school schedule for next semester. There is just no way for me to work & keep doing school. Ole Miss obviously thinks every student that attends has millions in the bank & doesn't need to work to live. So... Im not going to be able to work. That means... major cuts in the K-home salary. Josh and I have spent major time praying and feel that in order to be in Gods will, be good stewards of his money, and obey his authority and call in our lives, we need to move out and move in with his mom. It's definitely not what we planned for us last June when we got married. But it was and is our plan to desire God's will for our lives. He has made it very clear to us that this is what he wants us to do. So, we are excited! His mom's house has loads of room for us plus more. Plus I have such an AMAZING Mother-in-Love that I know everything will be great. Josh and I will both continue in school since I have a year left to getting my BA and he has a year left until he has a Masters under his belt. He will continue to work & I will be a full time FULL time student. Next May we will hopefully be on good feet and can think about getting a house! Although this isn't the ideal situation for us, we are excited about what the Lord has in store for us. This will sound cliche, but I don't care where I live as long as Josh lives with me. Instead of going into debt bc of pride of not wanting to live with a parent, we will be able to save so much money. So we are game! So that's the big K-fam news for now!!Phew.


Ramsey Revell said...

Hey Girl! Good luck with everything. I completely feel your school situation because I am at the exact same point and it feels like all I do is school! I hope everything goes well with moving in with your MIL and I pray that God blesses you wherever you go! Glad you guys had a happy Easter!
Lots of love!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

That's great and very wise girl! Time will fly and you'll have a house before you know without all the stress of going into debt like you mentioned! Glad you shared! I will pray for an easy transition for you guys!

Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

Good luck with everything!! It's so much better to use wisdom instead of getting in major debt just to prove a point & be stubborn. It always pay to follow the will of God and I know you and your hubby will be so blessed because of that!

Ben and Audrey said...

i think ya'll are definitely doing the wise thing. nothing to be ashamed of there. saving money is always a big plus & its only for one year, so no big deal. this way, you guys can concentrate on school, without the stresses of paying a huge rent bill, plus you will have an awesome ministry to mrs carolyn. i'm excited for you, and you're right, its totally ok b/c Josh will be there with you, every step of the way!!

love you kublers!

Robin said...

Markie and I had to live with my parents when we first got married. It's a challenge, but worth it to save money. I wish yall the best and always remember that God takes care of His people!