This past weekend Mr. K and I went out of town. We went all the way down yonder to Hickory Flat, Ms (aka middle of nowhere). Hickory flat contains ZERO stop lights. I won't lie, I fell in love with the slowness of life. No rushing, just good ole laid back living. Josh and our friend Sam lead worship at a Dnow. I was able to come along, and we had a blast! Left on Friday came back Sunday, I've got to invent something that extends weekends. So glad we got to go because this weekend has been SO busy and we've barely seen each other.

Right after we arrived!

Marcus, the youth pastor, preaching! God really moved!

The church transformed the old youth into a living area. It was so sweet!

I had to squint the whole weekend it was so bright!:)

The church! It was so nice!

Josh & Same during worship

Outside of where we stayed. So beautiful!

Josh and Sam practicing

Right before we left! I wish we could have made it last longer!!

The view from the church! Literally nothing for miles around. The nearest Chick-fil-a was an hour away. Told ya we were out in the boon docks!

Last pic of the weekend! Thank you Lord for a weekend to spend focusing on my Hubby and You!

Now onto finishing up this semester & moving! Thanks for all the packing tips! keep them coming!!

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