So this weekend is Mr. K and I's last weekend in our humble apartment. Even though it's only one bedroom, boring white walls, & smallest kitchen EVER... I have come to love love love it. Josh and I are going to move into his mom's house. We know that this is exactly what the Lord wants for us right now. Sure, we could stay in this apartment but that would mean burning through savings and collecting debt. Josh and I have zero debt to our name and plan to keep it that way. So we are getting over any bit of selfish pride to be in the Lord's will. We have already seen how the Lord has provided and blessed us because we are being faithful. Okay anyways I'm rambling..... Here's a tribute to our sweet little apartment:)

Our Kitchen:

The Dining Room:

The Living Room:

Another View:

Back wall of Living Room looking towards the kitchen:


Here's the apartment at Christmas:

&& Here are a few of the meals I made in MY little kitchen:
{click on the link for the recipe}

How to eat an Artichoke:

Chicken Salad: (I forgot to take a pic of it finished but SOOOO Yummy)

Chicken Spaghetti:

So this Saturday, we are moving out:( Although, I am super excited about starting this next chapter of our lives and marriage. Next year brings me graduating with my BA and Josh graduating with his Masters, a teaching job, a new church plant, and hopefully a new house. Excited for this new chapter, just gotta get through this and our last year of school. Can't wait:)


Ashley Fisher :) said...

Love that you posted all these recipes!!

Ben and Audrey said...

i just want you to know that i'm so proud of you & Josh. Ben & I absolutely think you are doing the best * wisest thing. i know its hard for you to give up your little love nest but you & Josh will make some sweet memories in this next year. one day, you will look back on this time together, in his mom's house, & be so thankful for it. i know the Lord will teach you both so much & use this time to grow you closer together.

this time next year, you will be moving back into your own place & preparing for another exciting chapter. do what you can to enjoy this next year & save as much money as possible. the best is yet to come. i love you!