Today I spent some time with my sweet sister and her family. She has the two cutest kids on the planet! We went to the park, had some yummy dinner, and bathed my sweet Jack! Awesome way to spend my Saturday while Mr. K is working!

The ducks swarmed us like crazy! Jack ate more bread than he threw:)

He loved getting to run and walk by himself!

Swinging like a champ!

She's beautiful:

After bath time:)

Cutest kid EVVER:

HAHA, this one just makes me laugh SO HARD!

and he's also super cute in a towel...

My faves:

tomorrow means church in the park, grocery shopping, and a date to the movies! So fuN!

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Ben and Audrey said...

this post made me so happy. thanks for loving my kids, (almost) as much as i do!! love you!

p.s. Jack had a blast. don't stay away too long!