So we finally made it, after 13 total hours in air, we are so glad to be resting on a comfy hotel bed. Once we landed, after I tore my toenail to shreds (ok not really, but it tore in half, big tear going diagonal across my big toe), we traveled around our first stop. Joppa - It's absolutely ABSOLUTELY beautiful here. Great breeze, beautiful landscape and ocean, ahhh heaven:) We saw a few local tour spots but my favorite was the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. To be more specific: where Jonah got on the boat to run to Tarshish instead of going to Nineveh. Yeah, I got to stand and look out over the Sea of where Jonah got on the boat that would allow him to be swallowed by the big fish. Mind blowing.

Okay so I know you just want pictures:) Here they are:

I love to travel... Josh? not so much.

Jaffa/Joppa is where we are spending the night tonight & where we toured a little today!

The coastline of Joppa! Strip away all the buildings and your looking at where Jonah left in his boat... amazing.

Us in front of the Coast:)

One of the MANY scripture references we looked at while touring:

Just an old church, we couldn't go in but it was Beautiful!!

Old Light House/Building by the Coast line:

Us in front of the Med Sea. Jonah sailed on these waters.....

Hotel view of Joppa/Tel Aviv.... it goes on forever in both directions, I literally couldn't see an end.. Crazy to think that before all of it was there.. Jesus walked this land. Still can't process it.

So that was today... of course there was TONS more but it's bedtime here and im EXHAUSTED! I hope to be able to post everynight

Please check the following sites daily, they are better updated as far as information and biblical references go.. something you will really want to read;)

1) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=114410332980 (Facebook group Lifepoint Biblical Study Tours) become a member!

2) www.lifepointsenatobia.com Our churches website, just look for the Pastor's blog


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