Our last day in Jerusalem and Israel was wonderful and emotional. We started the day at Yad ve Shem. A memorial for the Holocaust. It was very moving, emotional, and heart breaking like a very bad nightmare that came to life. The memorial did a great job of bringing it to a personal level so that it was just numbers murdered, but people.

pictures weren't allowed inside but I still got a few:

The Memorial Museum:

Everything in Israel has a great view:

The tower for the Heros:

The beginning of the Children's memorial:

Our last stop was the Southern Wall steps. This was the exact location for the Pentecaust. We read the scripture and got to walk around. The Lord has taught me so much during this trip, more than I could ever explain or write down. Ending it here seemed so proper. The charge the disciples gave, the lives that they lived and their boldness to stand for Christ no matter what. These were brave men to do it here outside the temple and because of their braveness God used them to save 3,000+ people. What could he do with me if I was willing?

Original steps:

A mickva pool. These were everywhere, almost 500 of them!

The view the Disciples would have had while preaching (minus all the buildings)

The original stones (on the bottom) were huge:

The three arches, the disciples would have been standing close to these: They were once the gateway in.

Just to show you how big one Arch was:

I'm so thankful the Lord allowed Josh and I to take this trip so early in our marriage. We will celebrate our one year on Sunday. The Lord has used this trip to help us grow together in His word and will definitely change some things about our marriage and how we raise our children. Our pastor brought his six year old along and it was so amazing to see him ask questions about Jesus & be able to see all this before his mind is taught a westerners view. We got to witness him learn new things about Jesus and be curious. So awesome. I encourage everyone to come to Israel. It really was so safe and will definitely challenge you in your walk with the Lord and bring the scripture from black and white to color. It will forever change my mental pictures and allow me to be more aware of geography in the bible. If you get the chance GO!

We will be leaving here soon. Dinner and then off to the Airport for a long trip home! SOOOOO ready to see my family!


just the two of us! said...

soooo ready to see you! It's so nice to see these pictures because it gives me mental pictures too! This is the second best thing to traveling to Israel! come home safe kublers! we love you!

Ben and Audrey said...

so glad you documented all of this. ben & I have already talked about it & we are going FOR SURE once our kids get a little bigger. we can't wait. be safe. love you & see you soon!!