ISRAEL DAY 2: Caesarea, Fortress Antipatris, Mt. Carmel, Nazareth

Today has been a SUPER eventful and MIND BLOWING day. We saw and did so much!

Josh and I early this morning ready for the day!

First stop was Fortress Antipatris. This is where Paul was held before he was sent to Casarea. Paul's boldness & obedience has been an incredible challenge to me.

Us at the Fortress:

Scripture reference while at the Fortress:

More of the Fortress:

From there on we went to Caesarea where Paul was sent. In the images below you will see us in the Stadium. Circuses, Chariot rides were held here. Sadly, so where the beatings of Christians in front of Romans. One of Herod's Palaces was also here. We stood at the Gate where Cornelius came down to meet Peter. All of the Romans could see this, it was rare for Cornelius to ever come out to the gate to meet anyone.

We then drove past the Mediterranean Sea & saw an ancient Roman aqueduct.

Lunch was next. This was a Falafel (a hushpuppy made out of chick peas) stuffed in pita bread. it was YUMMY!!!

After lunch we went to Mt. Carmel (it over looks the Jezreel Valley) Tons happened here (battles galore) Revelation reveals that the final Battle will be here over Meggido Valley (same valley)

Us over looking the Valley:

Scripture Reference: Elijah slays Baal worshipers and God reveals his power:

Statue of Elijah slaying a Baal priest:

After Mt. Carmel, we went into Nazareth. This is my favorite spot so far. Where Jesus grew up. It was mind blowing. We first went to a church that was built over Mary & Joseph's house. This is me in Holy Dress. I know, it's hot:) haha.

The Catholic Church:

The ruins you see is Mary and Joseph's house. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to know that I was standing where Jesus walked. Wow....

These cisterns are from Jesus's day. Again, he walked here.....

The Synagogue. AGAIN, Jesus walked here, taught here, lived and breathed here (or one JUST like it). The floors are original, the ceiling has been redone.

Josh and I overlooking Nazareth:

More of Nazareth:

Last stop of the day (where I am now) is the Sea of Galilee. We are going to be doing more in this area tomorrow!

Sea of Galilee behind me!

Alright, that's all for today! Be sure to check out www.arrowsinthehandsofawarrior.wordpress.com for better more specific detail. A video will hopefully be posted also!!


just the two of us! said...

these pictures are amazing katie! ryan and I have been following y'all via your blog posts! what an awesome experience!

Kimmy said...

Wow, so amazing!! Thanks for posting this!! I am loving all your pics! :)