Today was quite eventful! We had a day full of sites to visit. We started the morning at Tel Dan. This is where the Jordan River starts. The headwaters combine here (some are waters coming up from the ground).

The Jordan River Ladies & Gents: There's not much of it.

The start of the Jordan River:

The Jordan River:

This is the Wall of Dan:

This is Judges 2:1-5. We are sitting at the Gate of Dan. The actual gate where the people would enter the city. Before the gate was an altar to worship idols.

The Gate is the opening you see. Other Gate References in the Scriptures: Deut. 21:18-20, Ruth 4:1-2, 2 Kings 9:23, 2 Samuel 19:8. Seeing this gate helped give a great mental picture to the other scriptures.

This was incredible. I recently went through Genesis in my quiet times. This is a city that Abraham most likely came to first when he was leaving Ur. So awesome to line up scripture with this site. The door way was the gate into the city, in a year, people should be able to go through the door to see more of the city underneath.

After the Tel Dan Nature Reservation, we headed to Caesarea Phillipi. Caesarea Phillipi was a city with three synagogues (all different religions) side by side. It was considered to be the Gate of Hades. One of the idols worshipped was Pan (half man half goat). Research this religion..ridiculous. Anyways, at Caesarea Phillipi, Jesus asks Peter who he thinks Jesus is. Peter replies that Jesus is Christ (Matthew 16:13). Christ replies that he will build his house on the rock (peter's name means rock) & that the Gates of Hades can not and will not prevail. Essentially, the religions of Caesarea Phillipi will crumble under the Lord.

Location of the 3 Synagogue's:

A synagogue was backed up to this:

This is what is looked like originally:

Josh and I on our break at lunch:

After Caesarea Phillipi we headed to Damascus Road. Acts 9:1

This is the Damascus Road (with pavement) Behind the guard rail:

The Damascus Road Region: Saul/Paul's encountered could have happened anywhere in this region, the road runs all through it:

After Damascus we headed down to the Katzrin Park (not a biblical location). This is a park that has rebuilt many biblical time style homes and synagogue's. The originals were only partially there, so they built up from it to show us what it would have looked like. One thing we saw was the style of a home of that time. This went parallel with the story of Jesus Healing the Paralytic:

This is the main room of a home of that time. Notice how small it was. There would have been definite crowding. The roof was have poured down on the people in this room, the friends lowering the paralytic would not have gone without notice.

We then saw a synagogue of that time: George preached on the parable below. My most challenging moment of the day:

Us listening to George in the remains of the Synagogue:

We could look through a window to see what it once looked like in its whole. The lower section is the original:

After Katzrin we went to an Olive Oil Factory. We got to taste home made olive oil, shop in its store and just relax. A nice ending to a super hectic day. Tomorrow we are spending the day at the Sea of Galilee.

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