ISRAEL DAY 4: Capernaum, Tabgha, Sea of Galilee, Gerasenes, Mt. of Beatitudes

Today was a super HOT day (104) but so amazing!

Well, Today started off a little differently than most days. We were left this morning! Yep!! Our group left us. It wasn't so funny at the moment but it was hilarious when we finally made it to the group! The sent the bus back for us! hahaha, oh fun times. This is Josh and I waiting for the bus:

First stop: Capernaum

Today blew me away. The Lord used his word and his land to really impact my life. This was amazing. The picture below is Peter's house. Yep, the inner circle is the actual living room. This is where Jesus healed Peter's mother in law.

The picture's below are of the Synagogue. Jesus definitely taught at this exact location. Peter's house was right across the street, literally.

The Lord really spoke to me here. The fact that so many times I doubt in my Faith, I doubt the Lord, I doubt his greatness, I doubt him period. Here, in Capernaum, Jesus lived, breathed, saved, healed, and preached. Miracles, amazing things happened here. THEY HAPPENED. He was real, he lived and I saw where he did it today, I stood where he stood. I could look out the Synagogue and see Peter's House. God just convicted the stew out of me. Praise the Lord, may I never doubt again after today.

Next we went outside Capernaum to the wilderness or Tabgha ( Peter's Primacy)

This was another amazing location. Despite how many times Peter denies the Lord, the Lord restores him. No matter how many times or how often I deny the Lord in my life. He will always restore. God restores.

There was a small spot to go down to the Sea:

Next, we took a boat ride over the Sea of Galilee:

Josh and I on the boat

References of Jesus and the Sea:

This was yet another moving moment for me. Seeing the Sea of Galilee with the mountains surrounding and remembering that Jesus calmed the storm. Jesus has authority of his creations. Jesus is the ultimate Authority. May I be like the Mountains constantly and always surrender to his authority.
In the Sea:

This was lunch, and it was actually super yummy (not the head, just the meat)

After lunch we went to Gerasenes. This is where Jesus healed the Demon Possessed and the pigs ran off the cliff: Scripture was coming to life all day long!!!!

Last stop: Sermon on the Mount (The Beatitudes) Awesome moment:

Thank you Lord for a Husbands who loves Jesus & his word more than me:

Great day. That's all I can say. Jesus moved in my life today greatly.

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auds404 said...

i love your daily posts about Israel. how incredible to walk the ground that our Lord walked himself. just amazing. i hope to visit there in my lifetime. hope you are having a blast. love you & be safe. no more getting left behind!!!