ISRAEL DAY 5: Cliffs of Arbel, Boat Museum, Beit Shean, Jericho, Dead Sea

Sorry this is coming late! This is what happened yesterday on Day 5!

The first stop of the day was the Cliffs of Arbel! We hiked down the mountain, it was unbelievable. I couldn't stop thinking about how in shape Jesus and the disciples must have been. It was hot and steep!

The group on top of the cliff:

Hiking down:

The view:

Chilling with a cave:

What we hiked down:

The next place we went to was the Boat Museum. A boat more than 2000 years old was found and displayed here. This was a boat from Jesus's day. So cool.

what it originally looked like:
The day eventually got up to 104. My friends, it was HOT. However, we pressed on. We went to Beit Shean. This is an entire Roman city that has been discovered from Jesus's day. From the city you could see Mt. Gilboa where Saul was killed along with his sons. Neal preached a great message about how Saul raised his sons in the way of the Lord. I was not expecting it but the Lord really spoke to me through this story. I am so grateful for parents that have taught me how to walk with the Lord. Who have made it so clear how important it is. They have always been a Godly example to me, from following Jesus when times got tough, seeming foolish to the world when not taking jobs when we didn't have one, to having their bibles on the coffee tables because they did their quiet times where we could see. Thank you Lord for Godly parents. Honest, hard working, radical Jesus following parents. I love you Mom and Dad. I can not be grateful enough!

Beit Shean:

This is what the road probably looked like where Jesus walked on his way to Calvary. It's not the exact road but it gives a great mental picture to what it would have looked like.

Mt. Gilboa was right across from Beit Shean. It is not the hill in the picture (it was right behind where I was standing)

Jericho was off limits to us, however, we stopped on the side of the road to take some pictures. I took a rock:)

Last night we stayed at the Dead Sea. Josh and I of course went for a swim. Nothing can live in the dead sea because of all the salt and minerals. We literally just floated in the water. It was the coolest experience but our skin burned and felt so slimy.

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