Yesterday was another amazing day. We started off with Sunday Worship. This guy decided to join in! BEAUTIFUL!!!

George sharing a word:

After worship we went to Masada, one of Herod the Great's palaces. It was so hot & this palace was on top of a cliff in the Desert. This is the group looking down at a model of Masada. Although this place isn't a Biblical location it gives great mental pictures as to what a Fortress in that time looked like.

A bathing pool:

Herod's main palace room overlooking the desert:

After Masada we went to Engedi. This is where David spared Saul's life. David was patient and trusted in the Lord's timing.

This guy decided to sit through one of our bible teachings:

After En Gedi we went to Qumran. The home of the Dead Sea scrolls (where the book of Isaiah was found that proves it was older than Jesus's day.

Josh and I waiting:

An example of the Dead Sea scrolls:

What they wrote the scrolls on:

This is an entrance to a cave where they found some scrolls (including Isaiah)

Qumran was very big on community. They worshiped, ate, prayed and lived together. Gives great testimony to how we should live our lives with other believers.

After Qumran, we headed into Jerusalem where we will be staying the remainder of our time here. I can truly understand now what it was like to come in from the Wilderness into Jerusalem. I wasn't feeling to good the whole time we were at the Dead Sea and in the Wilderness and as soon as we entered into Jerusalem, I felt so much better. I believe the Lord allowed me to feel this to get a little bit of a picture and witness how it must of felt to finally reach Jerusalem after being in the wilderness (I mean that physically and spiritually, as the Lord often allows us to go through the wilderness)

Jerusalem overview:

The Gold dome below is where Abraham brought Isaac to sacrifice him: So amazing!

Then we went to the western wall: I can not explain the emotions I felt when I was there. It was amazing and heart breaking all at the same time. These are his chosen people and they think the only way to him is to pray through this wall. Man, Thank you Lord for the freedom in your Son & the wall that you tore down when he died on the cross so that we can have access to you through him.

Emotional ending to a great day! Excited to start Day 7 here in Jerusalem

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