Good morning! or should I say good night? Anyways, Day 7 was yesterday for me (6:30 am here and im soooo sleepy! Of course today rocked! We stayed in and around Jerusalem today.

First we went to the Israel Museum. This was built to hold alot of the amazing artifacts found in Israel:

Map of Jerusalem during the second temple:

A Model, built to scale, of Jerusalem during that time. You are looking at the temple mount.

This is a real candle with the original wick. In the bible when if references being a light to the world and not letting our candle go out, this is was the candle would have looked like:

My favorite part, the dead sea scrolls: An original:

Original piece: I think this it's some of Isiah:

A first copy of the entire scroll of Isiah:

Original vessel that the scrolls were found in:

After that we headed to Samuel's tomb:

Im standing on the roof:

This is underground, the tomb:

After Samuel's tomb we went to the location of David and Goliath:

The smooth stones:

In the brook between the two mountains:

The brook looking towards the Mountains of the Philistines:

Next stop, Herodian. One of Herod's temples. This one outside Jerusalem.

On the right is desert & the left isn't, shows how quickly the land changes.

Herod had caves that lead to cisterns:

Last stop for today was Bethlehem. This was nothing like I imagined it. There is a wall that goes around the entire city and if you are an Israeli citizen, you are not allowed in. Inside lives mainly Arabs. Jesus is very commercialized here and there is constant struggle within the walls. It broke my heart to know that where the Prince of Peace was born, there is now war. I felt blessed that all I had to do was show a piece of paper and I was allowed to go back and forth the walls. This was an experience that most Israeli's wont experience. Our tour guide was not even allowed in.

The church of Nazareth. This is where many of the people believe Jesus was born. Although we doubt the exact location, it would have been within a cave around this area. The Catholics built this church on top of where they believe he was born:

The dark spot on the Marble, yes I said Marble, floor is where they believed he was born. They have made it all a little over the top with the marble, lamps, & fine linens. Jesus was born in the meekest and humblest of places, a cave. It would have looked NOTHING like this but still awesome to know I was in the city he was born.

Read Luke 2:

Jesus is now our kinsman redeemer:

Getting into our cab. Little did we know, we were going to have to wait quite a while to get out of security. It's easier to get in than out.

That's all for today! I can't even begin to write the emotional and spiritual experience of it all. The things God is teaching me and the feeling of being where He was. I have a whole new love for his word. Excited to start Day 8!

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