Yesterday was SUPER fun! We started out at the Temple Mount. This was so awesome to see, even though most of it has been updated and the original is gone:

Behind me is a ridiculous building that the Muslims built around the altar of Abraham (where he was going to sacrifice Isaac). Although the building is beautiful, it's just a building. The cool thing is inside, we didn't get to go in because we aren't muslim. Still awesome to know I was where they were.

The is called the Dome of the Spirits. The floor of the dome is that actual floor from 2000 years ago. This is where the Vail was torn, the holy of holy's was. Very cool!

The Lions Gate:

Next up was the Pool of Beit Zaita. Jesus healed the paralyzed here:

A church built next to it, I just thought it was pretty!

Next up was Antonia's Fortress. This was a tear jerker. These underground rooms were where they soldiers of Pilots day would play games using the slaves or prisoners (beat/flog them). This could have been where Jesus was beaten..... & held before Pilot.

An old cistern:

We then walked the Via Dolorosa. Some think this is the path Jesus took to Calvary: Although we aren't certain, it would have been similar to it and walking it just helped give a great mental picture to how long and hard (uphill) it would have been carrying a cross:

Where some think Simon was called on to help Jesus:

Now it is all market:

It lead to the Church of Holy Sepulcher. Again, we arent certain this is where Calvary was:

Where you see the white pillar is where the hill would have been & ground level would have been 40 feet lower. He climbed a 40 foot hill (4 stories)

The tomb SOME believe Jesus was buried in (the building was built over it). This most likely isn't the location.

Last stop was my favorite. The city of David/ Hezekiahs Tunnel:

He is a dork:

This is a VERY new find. This is the city of David:

Bathsheba's house would have been in this mountain side and Davids Palace above to the right.

We got to walk hezekiahs Tunnel. It was SOOO cold but so fun! This is how David got water into the city & how he captured the city

It looks bright because of my camera but it was actually so dark you couldn't see your hand.

Water=screaming cold!

Super fun ending to the day, it was about a 20 minute walk through the cold water, very refreshing! Excited to start Day 9 this morning!

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Paige Tillman said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures. So glad you guys got to go together. I hope to go with Brian one day. Sounds like God blessed you both on this trip!