Yesterday, Sunday, was our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! We did it, we've been married for an entire year & to be totally honest... Its been AMAZING! I don't understand why everyone said the first year was so hard. We had the absolute best time being together. Yeah, we had our challenges but it was honestly the best year of my life and the challenges only brought us closer.

Israel was our main gift to each other && what an amazing gift that was!!!! I blogged it all below, check it out if you haven't. So this weekend we decided to just relax at home and be with family. Friday afternoon we got home from Israel, we took a long nap, ate dinner, caught up on Glee, and went to bed early! Saturday we chilled at home and did some much needed laundry. Then Saturday night we went out to Huey's for dinner and saw Toy Story 3! Super yummy dinner and hilarious movie! Sunday we spent it watching movies with the mom-in-law & then dinner with my family! perfect anniversary weekend!

So excited for our date night:

He was too:

Toy story 3:

On our actual anniversary day, going to see my family:

Our top layer cake, the design had gotten messed up but it was actually still really yummy:

Of course I had to take a picture of my adorable nephew. He was bringing Papa all the muffin pans & baking pans. He is adorable.

It was a wonderful weekend & Israel was amazing! I am so thankful for such a Godly husband who leads, provides, protects & love Jesus more than me:). I can't wait for the many more years to come of being best friends. Happy Anniversary baby!! How will we top our Israel mission trip.... I'm thinking....HAWAII ;) ;) ;)


Emma-leigh said...

Looks like a great anniversary!! How was the movie?

Mrs. A said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to you and best wishes for many more years to come :)

Kimmy said...

Happy Anniversary! I am with you on the one year thing, I thought my first year of marriage was great & I never got why everyone else said it was so hard. I am sure you will have many more wonderful years together with your hubby!