Yesterday we started the day at the Mt. of Olives. The last place Jesus was on earth and the first place he will return too. It had a great view of Jerusalem!

The Group:

We then walked down to the Garden of Gethsemane. On the way we saw this plant. This is the only plant in Jerusalem at that time that would have had thorns. I often pictured Jesus's crown of thorns to be big. We get that from the Byzantine Era but in reality the crown would have looked more like this:

Garden of Gethsemane, these are 3000 year old trees...

Words can not express the emotional/spiritual feelings at this place, you can look straight up nd see where Jesus ascended. You can look straight down and see where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac but God provided a Ram. You can look down and see where Jesus was going to be our ram. Where Pilot would flog him and release him, the streets Jesus would walk, & where he would be crucified. Jesus saw what was coming & like Isaac he chose to obey and do what his father asked.

Next up: the Damascus Gate:

Then we went to where some believe David's tomb is even though there is no proof and the Upper Room (also with no proof) but both historical sites:

We took the Lords supper here. Awesome to know that we took it around where Jesus and his disciples would have been.

We then went to Caiaphas's house, or sections of it. They have found 3 different locations (all right next to each other) that would have fit its description. No remains of the house were found but the prison was:

The prison caves underneath:

Jesus very well could have had one of his many beatings in these caves or caves just like this:

The hole they would lower them into:

The dungeon:

Second to last stop was the Garden tomb. The guide here said that they have no proof this was the actual tomb but that it does line up with scripture. The church of the Holy Sepulcher fits the location description better but the Garden tomb gives a MUCH better mental picture. It doesnt matter which one is correct because the Bible said Jesus died and rose again so I don't need proof of where it was. His word is enough.

this could have been Calvary:

This is a normal size tomb stone (one that would be rolled in front of the door) Jesus's had to be 2x if not more bigger. So big that three woman could not roll it.

You can see how big this is in relation to my hand. But it is cool to see what it would have looked like, only much bigger:

The channel for the stone to be rolled in:

The tomb, this one has been used because there is a cut out for fit. We know Jesus was on the right of the wailing chamber, just as this is & the tomb spot across had never been used. Just like the bible says:

SO happy it's empty:)

Last stop was the IMB prayer house. Dana and Karen (can't remember last name) live and keep this house running. They have an unbelievable prayer room. It was so nice to stop, pray, reflect on the trip & listen to the Lord. Please pray for this family and others that work there. They are steadily trying to reach the Jewish people.

Day 10 starts this morning & tonight at midnight we fly home! I will try to get one last blog up before leaving but no promises! It's going to be an emotional day... we are visiting a Holocaust Museum.

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