So I've never been so busy in my life. I signed up for a July night class in hopes of it being easy. RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT!!! I have 5 books to read over the course of four weeks, Four 5 page papers to type, reading quizzes to study for and 3 nights out of my already crazy weeks to go to class. I'm barely making it through. Mr. K has been so great! He's edited papers, let me sleep in, done some cooking, and washed clothes. I love him:) Some major events have happened since my last post but I haven't had time to stop and post them. This class is consuming my life:( However, once it's over we are off to the BEACH for a week with some great friends... couldn't be MORE EXCITED! I turn 21 in a 8 days..also exciting. Alrighty, its 11pm and I've got 20 pages to read, a paper to finish, and some daydreaming of the good life to do. Hopefully you aren't as stressed and busy as I... Maybe I can do some posting this weekend....maybe...

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