I took a quick break from reading to do a post. I had too. I've missed it to much and reading is getting way boring! Halfway through my Night class! YAY! So back in June, yeah I know I'm a litttttlle behind in posting, two of my sweet friends had their Lingerie Showers. They are both wives of men who are helping Mr. K plant our church. I love these ladies and have recently become great friends with them. I can't wait to plant our church with them and become even closer friends. They are such sweet hearts!

Anna's Shower:

My sister Lindsay did a great job at setting it up!

Sweet bride to be, Anna! Wedding is THIS SATURDAY:)
Seester Lindsay!

Kayla's Shower:

My Sister, Audrey, got the BEST cupcakes ever from a local Cupcake Shop! UGH SO GOOD!
Kayla got married this past Saturday! It was such a sweet wedding! I was honored to do her hair and make up! She looked amazing and the wedding was so sweet!

Here's a snapshot I took while they were getting pics done:

So happy for the new MR. & MRS'S!

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