Today was Christmas in September. My husband goes to a local seminary and every year they hold a HUGE yardsale for the seminary families. An entire gym is filled with tables full of good loot and furniture for you to put your name in for drawings. My husband I got some great stuff last year! This year was even better!!!

First off we won a $125 dollar gift card to Wal-mart!!! Mr. K was super excited because that means he gets to buy a little happy for his xbox:) They also gave us a gift baggy full of germ-x, body spray, cheddar popcorn, Dora band-aids, a bag of blow-pops (my fav!), and another $25 gift card to Olive Garden!!!! Oh yeah, I told you, It's like christmas day! I mean, It's the best. So thankful for that Ministry:

So here is what we got... EEEEK I'm still giddy about:

First up:
This will most likely be for a future baby room (distant distant future by the way) or a Guest bedroom once we get a house. I may paint it or leave it white and just give it another top coat. New handles are a complete Definite! I was the only one to put a ticket in for this! What is wrong with people???

My Favorite of the day:
I was also the only person who wanted these lovely beauties. Seriously, was everyone else completely blind? They are in perfect condition and although I'm no sold on the fabric. That is a doable fix! Maybe even slap some paint on the wooden legs.

Okay, now prepare... I may have gone a little overboard. There were probably 25 lamps to choose from. Josh wouldn't let me have them all:( However I did get 6!! YAY!

These will all get a nice slap of spray paint & new shades... or actually, I've got something in store. something crafty! I can't wait to try it out when we get a house!

My Favorite lamps:
Oh don't worry, these shades don't reach the ceiling, they are just up to my elbow!!!! I will definitely be chunking them I think, but the bases are to die for... I'm thinking teal.. or orange. They will eventually go on our bedside side table.. but for now.. storage!

This is Mr. K's favorite lamp:
It will be SO adorable with some spray paint. I've realized today that spray paint will become my best friend! I'm thinking of re-doing the lamp shade with some new fabric! Those little glass jars are adorable! They look like old milk glasses. Not sure what I'll do with them, but I love them!

The next few things are just some odd and ends that we grabbed:
The wicker basket was actually holding purses. I took all the purses and snatched it..a Magazine holder in its future maybe?? The striped triangles are shelves.. I dont know the technical term. They will for sure be painted!! I loved the pictures frame (also will be painted). The rooster is just too cute & I may or may not paint it. The other gaudy gold thing will FO SHOW be spray painted.

The Last few things:
Josh and I have only one piece of luggage to our name. This black piece was in PERFECT condition! Josh was really excited about this one too! I'm so glad he could find some goodies for him. I will paint the mirror too. && I lurrvvveee the plate stand.

Today was so so fun & I'm so thankful to Bellevue Baptist Church for putting on the entire thing! It was such a blessing! This was our last year to get to attend because Josh will be graduating in May!

Did you get any yard sale finds today! leave a link in my comments! I wanna see & steal ideas HA!:)


Brooke said...

Wow, great finds! I love the dresser, basket, and rooster!

Mallorie said...

Oh my goodness...I am so jealous of all the great stuff you got!!!