JUST THANKFUL {warning: a very rambling post}

Lately, life has just been great. Period. A few weeks ago (&pic above) we went to the beach with some great friends. It was so relaxing and something Josh and I really truly needed. The Lord did some unexpected work in my life on that trip. Convicted me of some sin, revealed truth, & gave me a refreshed passion and desire for Him and His word. It was such a raw but sweet & relaxing time for us. I came home renewed with a new love for the word. My quiet times since have been super consistent. Something that hasn't been so for a while. Josh got me a new devotional for my quiet times and I'm also reading through the bible. I started journaling again. I used to journal after my quiet times. Basically I would just record my prayers but I loved being able to look back at how the Lord worked in my life. So, I'm doing it again && I love it!! The Lord is currently revealing to me how to be a Godly wife. I want to be the best wife to Josh that I possibly can. I used to think that was by fixing up a super cute apartment with treasures I found or created, cooking yummy meals & keeping things clean, or by looking the best that I could for him. However, the Lord is teaching me that all those things are just being a WORDLY wife, not a Godly one. Moving into my mother-in-laws house has truly humbled me. The Lord has used it to really show me what a Godly wife is: encouraging my husband, submitting to my husband, praying for my husband, Spending more time with the Lord, Loving the Lord more than my husband, and being content with where the Lord has us for right now. Even if it means we are dirt poor (literally) and living at our parents. I've also started working out again. My body hates me for it but I know in the long it will feel great to be able to go upstairs without being out of breathe HA!. School is about to start and life will get busier and more stressful than ever so I'm enjoying this calm before the storm. Although, I'm excited about this next year. Josh and I will be finishing school. Revision (our church plant) will take off in January. We will both graduate in May (me=BA & Josh=masters), Ill hopefully get a big girl job (teaching), and we will HOPEFULLY buy a little house. I'm so incredibly happy and thankful for the outcome of my life so far. I feel like Josh and I are exactly where the Lord has us and Im thankful. I'm thankful the Lord gave me such a sweet mother in law who took us in and let us live in her home. It's been a joy to get to know her and bond with her these past few months. I'm thankful for my own family. We are such a tight knit family & my parents are the absolute best & such an encouragement in the way they serve the Lord. I'm thankful for our church Lifepoint. I'm thankful for the church we will be planting (www.revisionchurch.com) and all the sweet families involved with us. & I'm thankful for my husband. So SO thankful for him. OH WOW! I sure do know how to ramble. Gees. I just wanted to record where I am at in my life right now. I want to be able to read back and be thankful for what the Lord taught me during this time in our lives. This post is more just for me but thanks for reading.


Brooke said...

This is a great post. Seriously.

p.s. Thanks for the work-out video tip.Ironically, I bought it in May. BUT only did it 3 times! :( I do like it though.

Kimmy said...

Great post, love your thoughts on a being a Godly wife! So awesome to hear about all the great things God is doing in your life.