This past Thursday, the fair was in town so Josh and I OF COURSE went:

It was an INSANELY beautiful day:

The fair wasn't even too crowded.....well just a little:

The Fair & Us:

We didn't get to ride any rides bc Josh doesn't "DO" rides....

But we did go see the animals:

My new friend:

We then ate some yummy Fair food. I had this: (chicken on a stick)

Josh had this:

We met up with our two fav couples. The girls: Anna & my sister, Lindsay

We enjoyed this for dessert: YUM

Then we all watched THIS: SWITCHFOOT!!!

John Foreman...ahhhh..:

We walked around after the concert. The fair at night is magical:

That was our fair night!!! It was SO windy that night but it felt incredible. Switchfoot put on an awesome concert, seriously amazing! We had so much fun! We left without getting any cotton candy due to money shortage.. which made me really sad. HOWEVER, because I have the best husband ever. He got a friend to pick me up some on Sunday:) I love him! Jillian Michaels would not be proud of my fair eating.. but hey..it's only once a year!

Here's last year's fair adventure


Anonymous said...

Love Switchfoot! And Jon Foreman's solo stuff is pretty amazing too! Have you ever heard "Your Love Is Strong"? Wow...when I'm having a bad day, that song is such a pick-me-up!

Katie Kubler said...

YES!! I have his solo cd's... LOVE THEM!