Days I've worked out this week: 7!
Minutes per day I worked out: 30 minutes
Health find/tip of the week: Better n' Peanut Butter! I did an entire post about it below! Check it out!! I ate it in my oatmeal this afternoon...mmmmmYUM!
Health question of the week: I got some great feed back about healthy lunches! I'd love to know some dinners recipes that are healthier! Got any? Dinners are usually the only meal that I'm not to worried about because I save up my calories throughout the day so that I can splurge on dinner! My dinners are super yummy but not always healthy.. Id love some healthy dinner recipes that I can keep on rotation. (input your own question, leave your answer for me in my comments, then we will answer your questions by commenting on your blog)
Pounds lost this week/so far: GOAL:)

So I thought I would share a few of my meals with you guys that are low in calorie & keep me satisfied:

Breakfast Meals: I try to stay under 150 calories for breakfast
(I usually only do one of these per morning)
Gala Apple : 50 to 80 calories
Bagel Thins: 110 calories (if you haven't heard of these you MUST buy them)
Whipped Cream Cheese (for bagel): 60 calories
Kroger Lite Yogurt (comes in a MILLION flavors & only 44cents apiece!!): 80 calories
Banana: 110 Calories
Special K Bar: 90 Calories
If I'm craving yummy granola cereal, I eat it! They will mostly be around 300 calories including milk but its yummy & still good for you!

Lunch: I try to stay around 350-450 calories for lunch
Sandwich Thin w/ Mustard & Deli Meat: 150
Spinach Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing: 130 calories
Healthy choice Cafe Steamers: 170-220 (this are SUPER yummy)

Snacks: I always add a couple snack things to my lunch to mix it up everyday
the calories are included in my total lunch calorie in take
100 Calorie Packs: you can get these in cheeze its, cookies, etc
Dole Fruit Cocktail jars: 50 calories
Brothers all Natural Freeze dried fruit: 39-45 calories
Jell-lo chocolate pudding (sugar free): 60 Calories
Carrots with ranch: 50 Calories
Red Seedless Grapes: 62 calories (per cup)
100 calorie Cheese bites by Kraft: 100
Mini Rice Cakes: 70 calories for 9 mini cakes

Dinner: 630-800 Calories
I eat whatever I want for dinner and most times it is not super healthy things. However, most recipes will stay below 800 calories if you eat small portions. I always try to eat sides low in calories like corn on the cob, salad, fresh or sauted veges, oven roasted potatoes.

I don't stick to this all the time. There are definitely days I go over all of those & eat out or higher calorie things.
If you add all the calories up you'll realize that it is about a 1200 calorie day budget. TRUST ME, I hardly EVER stay below or at 1200 calories per day. Thats a low calorie budget & you shouldn't try it if you need to loose lots of weight. However, it does keep me conscious of what I put in my mouth & helps keep me from snacking all day or eating wasted calories. It also allows me to not feel guilty if I splurge more on dinner or dessert because I know that I've regulated my calories throughout the day. If I'm still hungry after lunch, I eat a snack when I get home. If I'm still hungry after dinner, Ill eat half a serving more or enjoy some dessert. The main thing is just to watch what you eat. So many foods are wasted calories in that they have a TON and are not filling:(. I hope this helps you guys! www.myfitnesspal.com will really help you set a personal calorie budget for the amount of weight you want to lose or maintain. I would most definitely go by that website for you own personal calorie budget. Your body does NEED calories so you need to make sure you give it the right amount, where we get in trouble is by giving it to much!

I hope the meal ideas help you get out of a meal rut!


Mandy said...

I do the same thing that you do: eat light all day and don't worry too much about a healthy dinner. Especially since hubs won't eat vegetables, I can't worry about every meal being healthy! Low-cal yet filling lunches have always been a struggle for me, so thanks for the great ideas!

Mandy said...

Where do I get the code to link this week?

Jenn said...

Just realized I never commented for this week with the recipe I wanted to share with you!

Caesar Turkey Burgers
1 lb. ground turkey breast
1/2 tsp. onion salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
3/4 c. Reduced-Fat Creamy Caesar dressing
1-1/2c. Romaine - shredded
1/4 c. Parmesan - grated
4 whole wheat buns
4 slices Tomato

Heat your grill (or George Foreman). In a large bowl, combine turkey, seasonings and 1/4 c. of dressing. Shape mixture into four patties and cook 8-10 minutes until cooked through. Meanwhile, combine lettuce, cheese and remaining dressing in a small bowl. Spoon lettuce mixture onto buns, top with turkey burgers and tomatoes. (And of course, the bun top). SO delicious! I honestly could eat one of these every day! LOL!