Days I've worked out this week: 7!
Minutes per day I worked out: 30 minutes
Health find/tip of the week: This is for all you iphone people out there... it's called "The Snack App". I read about it on another blog & downloaded it. I love it! It will tell you all kinds of snacks that fall under 50, 100, or 200 calories. Awesome, right? well it gets better, It then tells you how to burn it off!!! Genius!
Health question of the week: With the Holiday season fast approaching... anyone got any recipes that are easy, yummy, and semi good for you? I mean, how healthy can scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner be right?
Pounds lost this week/so far: GOAL:)

Link it up ladies!

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Mandy said...

The holidays are always the hardest time of year for me. With all the pies and baking and big family dinners. It's a wonder I don't gain 20 pounds each holiday season! Because it's special family time, I don't shun the good stuff, I just focus more on portions than anything else. I let myself eat the pies and cookies, but I don't go crazy on them like I used to. Plus doing little things like putting more veggies and lean meats on my plate at dinners and less of the sugary, greasy, or fatty foods helps a little bit. At the very least, I don't feel as sluggish and can still find the energy to exericse after dinner! :)